SingularityU Campinas Chapter – The Future We Want

One time a business man turned to me and said: “I generate a lot of positive impact in my company” and I said “that’s cool, what do you do?” He responded “I think about the sustainability of my packaging” I turned to him and said, “that packaging would not exist if you didn’t have a company. so when you are thinking about the sustainability of your packaging you are thinking about mitigation of negative impacts” I think the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations help with that: How do we think about building a business that generates less negative impact! I’m a scientist and if I had a superpower it would be to burst the bubbles in which people live for us to have a better view of reality… be able to have a scientific approach to look at problems to try to solve them! This is a super opportunity to talk to people who are thinking in this direction so we join forces to do cool things! To transform your doctorate or master’s work into a company, you are practically –a number of them– are ousted, because people learned (I don’t who put this in their heads), that one cannot make money with the innovation being generated within research centers We are all futurists … or scholars of the future. The human being deals with the future all the time, but what we need to see is that in bigger groups we need to be thinking about not the short-term future but really need to look at the future in the long-term. What type of society do I want!

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