Show and Tell with Heather Day from the Google Hardware Store

and this is my toolbox. Here’s my sketchbook. I try to bring my
sketchbooks everywhere I go just so that I make
sure not to miss a moment, and I’m able to capture
it there on the spot. Here’s my paint brush. I have a ton of these,
all different sizes, and it allows me to make
a wide range of marks. And here’s my slate. I can zoom in and zoom
out and undo my marks and keep working
at a faster pace. Photos– let’s say
I’m going on a hike. I try to capture a little bit of
the moment that can remind me, even a mundane
detail that happened. And here’s a rock. When I’m hiking, I’ll pick up
random souvenirs along the way, and they can
represent the moments I had when I was out there. Pastels– they really add
a lush layer to the canvas. A rag, a book of essays,
some pencils, a swatch book, and tape. So my work is really unplanned,
and I actually rely a lot on the element of the accident. And as I develop and
work on it, the painting starts to evolve in front of
me, and I try to take an idea and run with it. Sometimes I’ll stand on
top of a 10-foot ladder and drop like pools of paint
and pigment onto the canvas and let it kind of
explode and splash and see where it ends up. I made paintings
that were turned into Pixel cases and this. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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