Should You Go to FUKUOKA? (& Kyushu Day Trips)

34 thoughts on “Should You Go to FUKUOKA? (& Kyushu Day Trips)

  1. "We've also been to an active volcano" My british countryside brain recoiled in terror at that statement lol, 'Aren't active volcanoes where films either start or finish?' 🙂

    How does filming effect your holidaying? I get the impression that it does interfere with your ability to enjoy some places but that it also causes you to be more exploratory and adventurous.

    My anime-loving-heart also sqeed when I saw that you were so close to Saga prefecture lol (zombieland saga). I'm not sure that you missed anything by not going there – kindof the whole point of the anime was that Saga needed saving from being boring and provincial :).

  2. I've no desire to return to Kyoto, especially with the tourist boom now, but love Fukuoka. Mountains, islands, beaches, easy access, calm environment.

  3. I am so jealous I want to go there, can’t wait until, I have vacation.❤️, could please make a other video, where you are shopping for anime figures? That would be so cool 😎. Please

  4. It's really nice in Kyushu, so much to explore there ^^ I only had 2 days there, so definitely need to go back and see the rest

  5. How was being a veggie in Fukuoka and the surrounding area? I’ve only been to Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto and with them being really popular places it’s been easy to find veggie stuff. But not sure about less popular places :’) any tips?

  6. Another excellent video. Do you live in Japan or fly to Japan several times a year from UK? I really hope you continue videoing all about.japan for many yrs to come

  7. I really wanted to visit Fukuoka, but me and my friend will only have a month to explore Japan, most of it will be in Tokyo. Reality is starting to sink in now, the trip is almost a year away!

  8. I've been really considering dropping by Fukuoka for 3 nights at the start of my next Japan trip as it makes a lot of sense on the route we're planning, so this video is so handy! Really tough question for you – which of you the daytrips was your favourite? I'd probably only be able to do one long daytrip, and deciding which is so hard! It's hard to fit in everything where there's so much you want to do 😱

  9. Excellent. Another great (half) day trip is Nanzoin Temple, just ½h away by train. We also travelled to Busan on a 3-hour ferry, that's also very cool. Thanks for the videos and enjoy.

  10. Thank you for an exciting idea as always!
    For your information, a first Shinkansen takes less than 80 minutes from Fukuoka (Hakata Station) to Kagoshima (Kagoshima-Chuo Station) now… it’s become so convenient 🙂
    Keep up your good work!

  11. Wow, This video is awesome, Now I know more about Fukuoka 😉
    Thank you, I just moved to Fukuoka 2 months ago
    Food is great and people are really friendly.

  12. I live your videos, they’re really informative & entertaining. We went to Japan last year but barely scraped the surface & tried to stay in too many places so I’m already planning a return in 2021!

  13. thanks for this. booked a flight deal to FUK without doing my research and I was feeling a bit lost on what to do. this helped a lot

  14. Fukuoka no (sorry sorry to my friend who grew up there!) … I will definitely go back to Beppu though,… there is so much effing hot spring water it comes out of the storm drains! (^_^) … the baths there are the next level above Atami <– subjective statement (^_^)

  15. This is by far the most informative and helpful video about Fukuoka and the possible day trips around it that I have seen. THANK YOU!!! I will be travelling to Fukuoka for three days next month and this video was very helpful in helping me plan which activities to do in Fukuoka and which day trips I could possibly try to do. I look forward to watching more of your videos. 🙂

  16. @0:20 … hahaha! thanks a lot JNTO … this used to be a somewhat boring but nice place, now it's effing packed with foreign tourists! (^_^)

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