Shocking Footage Shows Time Traveler VANISHING

The shocking footage of a time traveler vanishing
moments before a tragic accident is leaving people in utter disbelief. Welcome to Inform Overload, Im your host Johnny
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a hundred times to catch the shadowy figure seemingly dissolve into thin air seconds before
the truck explodes on camera. Its one of those clips that upon first glance
personally freaked me out. I had to dive into the details, watch it a
dozen time, pausing and unpausing, then watching it a dozen more times. Especially after we just did that story on
the time traveller who returned from the year 3700. The truck in question was the main story here
and rest in peace to the driver, 24 year-old Anthony Carnevale. Anthony was transporting his barbecue and
gas containers to his new home when the truck suddenly went up in flames. Reports say that the driver must have been
unaware that the gas containers in the truck were partially open leading to a gas leak
to ignite from an uncapped 12-volt battery. Another reason why I just let someone else
do the barbecuing. When an Australian news site was covering
this tragic accident many people hit the comment section to point out the time traveler vanishing
in the background. Unfortunately this took a lot of the attention
away from the actual story of this poor man losing his life far too soon. Luckily Energy Safe Victoria released a public
awareness campaign about the risks involving un-secured valves which resulted in an agreement
to have all small gas cylinders equipped with a safety valve, but not until January 2020
for some reason. I feel like that should be an immediate thing. A dude literally just barbecued himself because
there arent safety valves and Australians said – ahh well get to it mate, we still gotta
worry about the dingos eating babies. At least they started the process, so I feel
like while they have that covered, lets cover this vanishing time traveller. With comments such as – Does anyone else see
the person walking on the footpath disappear into thin air – or – No one else notice the
time traveller vanishing in the background – We thought we would take a closer look at
this and provide a more logical explanation. Its difficult to catch and you have to look
very closely, but if you notice the moment the man disappears there is nothing else moving
in the shot. Theres no clouds moving, theres no birds flying,
theres nothing moving. It happens so fast that its very hard to catch
and the video editing is timed brilliantly. We see a white car moving across the intersection
from the right side to the left leaving the frame as the man is walking and the moment
its out of frame the man disappears and the truck enters from the left side. At 4 seconds into the 19 second video clip
the man has seemingly dissolved. Thats where the clip is cut – leading it to
then jump forward to the time where the truck enters which would result in a continuity
error with the footage. The reasoning for this clip could be as something
as harmless as the news company having to cut down the footage to post. I dont think someone was doing this purposefully
to trick viewers or that a man actually vanished. It is one of those coincidences though that
are obviously hard to ignore even if the comments are overwhelmed with people saying – A person
walking literally vanishes and seconds later the truck explodes. For the conspiracy theorists this is juicy
footage that makes it easy to ignore the small cut and to the untrained eye would freak anyone
out. I want to turn a question over to you though,
is the man a vanishing time traveller, was it a video editing continuity error or did
some doctor the footage later on to create a new story. Let us know your thoughts in the comments
below. With that lets get to todays featured comments
from the Time Traveler from 3700 bring back part of robot video. I felt that was perfect for this
Alien Hunter 46 says – You can buy that robot hand at hobby lobby…in the toy department. -Well as the 46th Alien Hunter I trust your
expertise Wolf Pack says – Once again. Another time traveler. What’s new in 2018?
-Apparently time travel Anna Snow says – I dont believe this. Though I do think a war between humans and
robots is probably going to happen way way in the future.
-I mean crazier things have happened jason morgan says – Aspects of time travel
can only be accomplished in space travel at tremendous speed only able to go forward faster
not backwards -Everybody listen up, we have a time travel
expert in the comment section Marlar House says – Of course Johnny is going
to say this is fake, he has to throw us off so we won’t learn the truth, that he is an
android from 2150A.D. -Now why would you think of such a crazy thinnn
*Have Charlotte slap my back to kickstart my failing android body*
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