1. شكراً لانكم شوهتو صورتنا بقذارتكم وانحلالكم عند دول العالم ، الاسلام والعادات كانت قوتنا والان نحن بالنسبه لهم اضعف من قبل

  2. I think the second "Mohammad" is giving you false information. Seriously, that dude is spreading wrong information about Saudi Arabia, but nevertheless, Saudi Arabia is a safer country than the WEST or any other country, in my opinion ,since I used to live in Jeddah for 17 great years.

  3. Why do such liar people tollarate in Saudi. Now cut his tongue because he is lying. There is no rules that if you don't pry they will cut your head or something this is big lie. Along with the cutting his hand please somebody cut SAUDI KING SALMAN SON Head. He is main sourse of this consuconces.

  4. يوم كنا متمسكين بالدين والعادات والتقاليد كانت جميع الدول العربيه والاسلاميه تحترمنا وتقدرنا وكنا قدوه لهم ، والان اصبحنا مثال للانحلال والتغريب والانسلاخ من الهويه

  5. Yeah they’re nice if you’re Caucasian or western-looking. But if you’re from third world countries expats thats another story. Everything you see and experience in Riyadh take it with a grain of salt.

  6. الله يلعن محمد الثاني وبعدين من متى صار اذا تبغا تصير مسيحي عادي وأنه كان عايش في داعش معنا كرييييهه

  7. In my whole life I lived in Saudi Arabia not one person came to me and tried to force me to pray in the mosque and to cut my hair for not doing so, we have been free in this subject since we were born in this world, and we did not have to become Muslims by force to live in Saudi Arabia , we respect All the different religions that’s what our state has grown up to , From before until now we respect everyone

    The 2nd mohammed suck a fucking liar he lived in the uk most of his life how could he know what our country was doing at that time .

    And also in regards to your girlfriend that was never a hindrance, but our religion has forbidden illegal relations because there is a lack of literature and disrespect for our religious principles, also the reason that there are exaggerated in these things it’s because some people show off these acts to the general public, but if you want to have a girlfriend , you can.
    but don't do anything against morality so that you won't be arrested because that doesn't state what our religion has set for us , because we respect our religion the most

    So don’t believe this liar please such a prick of guy

  8. The 2nd man is such a lier
    We are working in ksa since 2014 but nothing happened like that with us
    But many things is against Islam its not allowed in ksa and we respect there rules
    We love ksa as a Pakistani


  10. Comments full of bitterness for the second guy. His only mistake was wearing socks inside his sandals. Apart from that he seemed like a pretty chilled lad and you guys are all butthurt because he's enjoying life now.

  11. Hey man your so welcome to Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 💚 i wish you can call a tourist guide than talking to a man like the Second man he was such a lier any way we got so many sightseeing and activities here in riyadh you can go to the desert and so many places you only need a great guide ,, i would be very happy and pleasured to help and guide you but i live in dammam
    I wish you all the best my friend
    Saudi girl 🇸🇦🇸🇦💚

  12. What?????
    You can go to the mosque whenever you want No one forces you And you can do a tattoo No one tells you not But in Islam it is haram And that is something between you and God Women can not wear the hijab but must wear the abaya But in Islam for a certain age You must wear it I'm talking about Mohammed II He's the dumbest man in the universe Ahh I can't believe How to say things that do not exist ?????
    DON'T believe him plz💢💢💢
    And you can't have a gf  In Islam We have a certain culture before marriage Let's know if we fit some or not The second man does not represent us
    No they're pray so plz DON'T say thing u don't know it
    الله يمسكني الرجال الثاني و الله لاخليه عجينة بإيدي
    جد والله ما كنت تقدر تمسك ايد حبيبتك بتعرف تمسكها بجهنم ان شاء الله انت و كل واحد معك

  13. الحقيقه مُره دائما انا لم أسيء لكم شخصيا لدينا قانون لايقمع الحريات وانا لم اخالف القوانين ولذلك تم التصوير بمكان عام وشكرا

  14. The second person, a liar and a hypocrite and spoiled the video and I will report it, deserves to be punished according to the law, and must know that the Saudi people and his religion and customs must be respected, and open relationship with others does not mean the destruction of culture, religion and ethics

  15. المقطع الثاني يبرهن حقيقة الشعب السعودي يفكرون في الجنس و الخمر وتوفير المال للأمريكلن هههههههه

  16. المقطع الثاني يبرهن حقيقة الشعب السعودي يفكرون في الجنس و الخمر وتوفير المال للأمريكلن هههههههه

  17. المقطع الثاني يبرهن حقيقة الشعب السعودي يفكرون في الجنس و الخمر وتوفير المال للأمريكلن هههههههه

  18. my favorite city. i worked in riyadh for more than a decade and i am praying to come to riyadh and work again, in sha Allah.

  19. Welcome to Saudi Arabia and we are grateful for your visit and thank you for your very nice style..🙏💕🌹

  20. whatt since when do they force you to go to the mosque!!! isis rules he says!! wowwww I’m just surprised I’ve lived my hole life in Riyadh I’m Saudi and I have older brothers they never get forced for praying, and I’m a girl I’m not gonna say that life didn’t change in Saudi Arabia for girls it did but before the change I lived a normal life with no forcing. No offense bro but this is the American propaganda, media in everywhere they try to send a very weird message that we have no humans right!!! just let us be

  21. The Character with the tattoo is spreading false information , it's very funny what he is doing is haram , MBS is trying to change Saudi to appeal to the west like Dubai the oil is running out 🤣 Also stop bombing Yemen !!

  22. You'll don't have to blame Muhammad it's just his opinions that doesn't define Saudi as a Country or Define it's people.

  23. شيئ غريب صرحتنا .. يحسسونك ان الحرية كذا .. طيب صديقتك ليش لابسة عباية ؟ المفروض مرة وحدة تشيلها .. حتى نفهم انها من الخارج ..
    وموضوع الوشم ترئ شي عادي حتى النساء يحطون حنا فا مافرقت كثير شوية لون ..
    بعدين لو كنت تبي حرية ماكان حرمت ملكة الجمال وخليت هذا الاجنبي يخفي ملامح وجهها وكانها مطلوبة او مجرمة ! كمية تناقض غريبة ..

  24. محمد ٢ ما اقول الا الله يهديك فاهم التطور غلط !! وحتى لو القانون يسمح بوضع التاتو الدين لا يسمح به

  25. محمد ٢ ما اقول الا الله يهديك فاهم التطور غلط !! وحتى لو القانون يسمح بوضع التاتو الدين لا يسمح به

  26. The second person is big lair , we want pray for that we close everything for 15m only , and he is not like Saudi guys

  27. I was born in KSA and yep now ibsee the difference between the new saudi arabia and the old conservative saudi arabia

  28. Even know we cannot hangout with girlfriend illegal and no one can say to his/her parents that I have a girlfriend/boyfriend, the second mohammed is layer

  29. I wish you to learn well about the Saudis and Muslims and not listen to some people, for example, the second person really was talking about strange things, but I do not think that there is something really like this on reality

  30. I would like to thank the first Mohammed for representing Saudi people in respective way, and the second one shame on him lying about how Saudi people are not praying or that the relationships without marriage are normal and legal which is not and that not acceptable or from our religion and culture. Plus previously it was ok to have a long hair and tattoos nothing change about that.

  31. 11:12 false info they did try to force you to go to the mosque but the police department and the cut hair parts only happen when you do public indecency, and i don't mean just clothes but acts like flirting and stuff that is "Haram"

  32. Probably, you're not going to read my comment but, the second guy is a half liar
    Yes, in the past the police(to be fair it's called هيئة not the police which is شرطة) they used to force the people to go to pray(which it's a bad thing in Islam btw, forcing people I mean)
    They used to cut men's hair if it was long
    No jeans allowed(because of them ofcourse+specific jeans not all of them)
    As you know, women couldn't drive, no cinemas, nothing at all
    But when was that? 7-10 years ago(almost a decade) not 2-3 years
    So yup, half liar
    But now? It's changing and it'll continue to change 'till 2030
    That's it

  33. YIKES, buddy.. the 2nd guy saying ppl were taken to the police for not praying, um where??? I mean no disrespect, but theres no such policy. I literally had no idea what he was talking about. maybe consider cutting out his portion, its really misleading and misrepresenting the society as a whole, in my opinion.

  34. ترا هذي الاشياء موجوده من زمان بس بالخش والدس فلا تسووا فيها وتستشرفوا ع الرجال ع الاقل هو طلع للعلن ومانافق زيكم

  35. والله كنت داري ان الطبقة المخملية بالسعودية ما يطلعون منهم الا قحيب يا مخانيث يا شعبنا الخنيث حنا قبل ٩٠ سنة ولا شيء جدتي الله يحفظها كانت تقولي أهلها لا لقوا عظم كانوا يستانسون يطبخون عليه ويسون عليه مرق ايام الان والان لأنك عايش بنعيم نسيت فضل الله عليك يا حشرة لكن والله اني ابرئ من أمثالكم تطور يكون بالتعليم والاقتصاد والصحة لكن الانحلال لا تشرعه لا أخلاقيات ولا دين هذا محمد أبو وشوم إلى طالع مع **** يرضى اخته تطلع ها والله الانفتاح بس على كيف الواحد عموما (وَإِذَا أَرَدْنَا أَن نُّهْلِكَ قَرْيَةً أَمَرْنَا مُتْرَفِيهَا فَفَسَقُوا فِيهَا فَحَقَّ عَلَيْهَا الْقَوْلُ فَدَمَّرْنَاهَا تَدْمِيرًا (16 تذكروا قدرة الله ملك الملوك تذكروا أن مرجعكم لله وبإذن الله اني حاس ان الله راح يبرد قلوب عباده المؤمنين والأحداث إلى تصير بالشرق الأوسط والعالم الإسلامي انها وجه خير على ديننا . اللهم إني عبدك ابن عبدك وابن أمتك اللهم اني اشكر نعم التي لا تنقطع اللهم ثبتني على دينك ولا تفزع قلبي عن كلمة حق لوجهك الكريم عن عبد من عبادك
    اللهم من أراد تشويه دينك ومن أراد استغلال دينك لأجل مكانة اسالك بوجهك الكريم ان تهلكه يالله

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