Service Dog Lies Down In Airport And Won’t Move – Travelers Spot The Problem And Rush To Her Side

Amazing! Meet Eleanor Rigby, who’s one proud Labrador
service dog who just became a mother to 8 adorable puppies – and this happened while
she was waiting with her owners for a flight at Tampa International Airport! She was accompanied by her owner Diane Van
Atter and her mate, a fellow Labrador named Golden Nugget. Eleanor went into labor – right in the airport
in front of many passengers waiting for their flights. The whole event caused quite a stir amongst
the very excited onlookers, who had witnessed everything from start to finish – right
in the middle of boarding Gate F80. Weary travelers were immediately perked up
from all that buzz – who could resist cute puppies? Flight schedules were the last thing on everyone’s
mind for at least 3 hours. The puppies just kept on coming, one by one
as onlookers marveled at the sight of a live birth. One passenger exclaimed: “I was here since
puppy five. It’s on Instagram; We’re getting a lot
of likes!”Kristin Hamilton, another passenger, wrote the following: “A Service Dog named
Ellie, short for Eleanor Rigby caused quite a stir at Tampa airport yesterday. The two-year-old yellow lab went into labor
before boarding a plane to Philadelphia. Tampa Fire Rescue delivered seven puppies;
6 girls and one boy. Congratulation to the new mom and safe travels.”Eleanor,
affectionately nicknamed Ellie by those who know her, was overjoyed seeing her new 8 puppies
– there were 7 males and 1 female. To assist her, paramedic staff from Tampa
Fire and Rescue were responsible for safeguarding her and monitoring human traffic during Eleanor’s
3-hour puppy delivery. The puppies were safe with a clean bill of
health, and are now ready to travel back home with their owner and parents!After the birth,
air travel was not possible and was deemed unsafe for both Eleanor and her pups. Her owner had to drive them all back home
for their safety. All of them had missed their flight, but no
one mind that. They were all en route to Pennsylvania before
the birth of the pups. However, Eleanor and her new family members
simply looked forward to going home and settling down for the day. How amazing was this?

68 thoughts on “Service Dog Lies Down In Airport And Won’t Move – Travelers Spot The Problem And Rush To Her Side

  1. I do not understand people: when there is a major accident there are hundreds of reactions. When a dog has puppies only 1. Shame! Greetings from the Netherlands.

  2. What a beautiful story glad all the pups and Ellie were all safe and healthy and to all passengers who were so understanding God bless them all and hopefully they all got back to their respective destinations safely

  3. Ellie started her day with the intenet to help another. She probably didn't care about any attention, absolutely NOT a diva.
    Dogs are absolutely mans best friend. They give the rest of us something to aspire to.

  4. How amazing to see seven pups come into the world!!! And all the support and caring the MOM and Pop got for their hard work!!! So cute!

  5. Got your details several times completely switched around, and at times totally changed!!! Prepare your stories much better please. Ugh…thumbs down just because details are completely off numerous times.

  6. dogs are such WONDERFUL animals !! if you have neer loved a dog then your SOUL is incomplete and greive for you BECAUSE you will NEVER know what UNCONDITIONAL loyalty and LOVE is !!! most dogs would without a second thought give their life as long as YOU are safe !!! I would risk my LIFE (i have)or lose it to save my dogs !!!

  7. Just beautiful! 💜The miracle of life, it's awsome so many puppies to make one day others happy & maybe become service dogs! My dog is a yellow lab they r the best!

  8. Glad the puppies were delivered safely; but what was a pregnant dog so close to term doing at the airport? She should have been safe at home nesting not jetting around the country.

  9. I am sorry, but this is not cute or warm and fuzzy! That poor dog should have been at home in a secure, comfortable and peaceful surroundings. I have an SD and would never think of working her when due to welp, certainly not flying her! What was the owner thinking!!! Poor dog 😢😦😠

  10. Why would you plan an airplane trip when your dog is pregnant? Plus working for her handler and being pregnant at the same time?

  11. How callous to even think about flying a dog so heavily pregnant. There are same safety concerns for pregnant animals as there are for pregnant women.

  12. Also, TWO service dogs or was the other just a pet? Everything is wrong with this story. But viewers just go aww, cute puppies, and NEVER THINK any further. Animal rights, anyone?

  13. So which is it? Seven puppies, six girls and one boy, or eight puppies, seven boys and one girl? You need to get your stories straight!!!

  14. It's a sweet story but the dog should not of been traveling that close to her labour or due date. Her human was stupid for doing that.

  15. Why are you breeding a service dog in the first place? Make money? And why were you not at home where she would be comfortable and safe. You are supposed to be responsible owners. Sorry this was sooo irresponsible. Ugh

  16. VERY SAD! Are you really celebrating an irresponsible owner of a service animal?? This poor dog had to give birth in an airport! No telling how long she had been in labor because obviously the owner had no clue! Was she even receiving prenatal care? This makes me sick to my stomach! Everyone doesn't deserve to have pet companions or service dogs if this is what they will be subjected to. Shame on you.

  17. Link to a Tampa Bay Times article that addresses issues many here have raised, but there are still more questions than answers. I'll leave people to read & decide for themselves.

  18. No that didnt get me Animal cruelty. That got me this poor dog should be removed and the puppies also How could shr have let the dog get pregnant in the first place She cant take care of herself evidently cant care for this dog properly and now had puppies to care for someone needs to check in on this situation This just makes me sad.

  19. I am questioning the term service dog in this case. First I wonder how a service dog gets in a family way. There are reasons for service dogs being spayed and neutered. Picture dealing with other dogs when your service dog is in heat. Second how was the dog able to "work" weeks before giving birth. Even hunting dogs would be safe and sound at home. For years we had no problems traveling with our canine assistants. Then people labeled comfort dogs and family pets as service dogs. I somehow suspect since it wasn't mentioned in the story that this might not be the case. This story is not passing the smell test.

  20. These people shouldn't be allowed dogs, service or otherwise Theres no excuse for her to have been anywhere but home while she was in the late stages of pregnany. What were they thinking!

  21. I really question whether Ellie was really a service dog. Those trained dogs are worth thousands of dollars. There is no way a breeder would risk travel with her so close to term. Also service dogs are spayed or neutered so that they will focus on their job. I think it is despicable for anyone to pose their dog as a service dog just for some advantage. This poor dog should never have been in an airport, so many things could have gone wrong.

  22. This is an old story.
    The owner knew her dog was pregnant but no one could say how far along she was.
    The owner found out about the pregnant a few days or weeks before the trip and thought the trip, which was planes months in advance, would be okay. The owner then planes to stay home till the puppies came.
    Surprise, the dog was farther along than anyone knew which included her vet.

  23. The owner should have known when the puppies were due. About 53 days after conception. Also, they can't do their job as a service dog if they r take g care of puppies. So clearly there's more to this story then is being told here.

  24. Mama Dogs know better than their owners what they will & will not do. Happy dogs, happy owner & really happy puppies to be suckling on mama dog. Glad all turned out happily!

  25. Someone should do some fact checking in one sentence there’s 7 pups 6 girls and 1 boy (1.57), then in the next sentence there’s 8 with 7 boys and 1 girl! (2.10)

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