Seoul-Tokyo trade row damaging Japan’s tourism industry

with more South Koreans boycotting
Japanese products over Tokyo’s expo curbs local consumers are now turning
their backs on trips to Japan it’s reached the point where Japanese media
outlets are admitting that the sharp decrease in visitors from South Korea is
becoming a serious cause of concern easing Jarett reports looking at the
number of people who traveled to Japan in the first half of 2019 the number of
Chinese visitors was up more than 11 percent on-year contrast that with the
number of South Korean visitors dropping 3.8 percent the first on-year decline in
five years with the trade role raging between Seoul and Tokyo Japanese media
outlets are starting to report that South Koreans who are considering
traveling to Japan are now seeking out other vacation spots they also reported
that several travel sites in South Korea have even opted to remove Japan from
their travel packages altogether the Japanese daily Sankei Shimbun says the
decrease in the number of South Koreans visiting Japan is inevitable given the
current circumstances and added it might be hard for Japan to reach its goal of
40 million foreign visitors next year and that’s despite the 2020 Tokyo
Olympics being held in its capital travel agencies in Japan report that the
cancellation of reservations made in South Korea have soared since the start
of July the number of South Korean visitors who travel to Japan this summer
is also sharply lower than last summer the boycott is especially bad news for
Japan’s tourism industry as South Koreans made up almost a quarter of the
foreign tourists who visited Japan last year even J Arirang news

36 thoughts on “Seoul-Tokyo trade row damaging Japan’s tourism industry

  1. I am glad I didn't go visit japan. So many crazy and perverts in japan like hentai company arson and all. It is very strange and dangerous country, not to mention fukushima radioactive. Abe said "everything is under controlled" LOL

  2. It is true, but they didnt say it was hurting LOL? I mean if is to say who, Its you guys that started the boycott.

  3. Koreans can not discuss.
    The Japanese are honestly and politely explaining.
    Why Koreans are getting so angry against ordinary trade? A problem within South korea, right?

  4. Korea, please go ahead and do it at your descretion. For the spaces became emty and available, tourists from other countries will be able to find rooms and hotels easier especially at end March~early April period. In general it not desirable to depend on demand from one country in excess of 15%, be it business or tourism. Punishment like this hurts small businesses and accordingly people learn in hard ways at the beginning, will take counter measures not to repeat the same. (error corrected on July 21, 2019 0:43 LST)

  5. I know the no,one lier country is korean country its easy to lie but Japanese country is descent and faithfulness and not a lier like Korean

  6. That's cause Koreans are too poor to visit japan now. Lol.

    When will the state-owned propaganda channel of Arirang News do a piece on Vietnamese sex slaves that were raped and killed by the South Koreans in Vietnam?

    With Love,
    From Vietnam.

  7. South Korea does not follow international law of 1965. It is natural not to be trusted from all over the world. Japan just took the necessary steps. Keep your promise. I agree with Japan

  8. Majority of Europe, Americans, Australia, South-East Asia and Africans love to go Japan than South Korea, so u can not be fooling ur audiences by showing us this nonsense on the screen. And may i remind you that South Korea population is less than 60 million people.

  9. Japan told parliament that the 1965 Korea-Japan Basic Treaty did not dissipate the rights of victims of forced labor to file personal claims.

    And Japan also admitted to war crimes.

    But now, Japan is changing its words, refusing to admit war crimes or apologize.

    And Japan says Korea is lying.

    It is Japan that changes words and violates the treaty.

    What a great nonsense?

    Japan has taken unilateral export restrictions at a time when diplomatic efforts to resolve the issue of forced labor have not been exhausted.

    This undermines the principle of the World Trade Organization and the principle of free trade that Prime Minister Abe addressed at the G20 Osaka summit.

    It can be said that Japan is the one who is violating international law.

    Moreover, what should be pointed out fundamentally is Japan's violation of international law through its inhumane illegal acts of forced labor.

  10. japans high tech industry has fallen behind from international competitors, on the other hand tourism industry is growing. maybe japan sees its future in tourism like thailand. why not? why bothering with complicated brain demanding high technolgy when you can easily steal money from tourist pocket?

  11. Damaging Japanese tourism industry? Uh…Interesting. The only thing I didn't understand is how the Japanese tourism industry is being damaged. As many know Japan receive tourists from all over the world. I don't think it is a big problem once Japan doesn't rely exclusively on Korean tourists.

  12. Koreans are just being puppets of government trying to divert their attention from the actual problems like the poverty of elders. Enough of this wartime shit. People involved are all dead already.

  13. Absolute rubbish! So even if NO Koreans visit Japan, there are lots of US, Chinese visiting Japan annually. Infact, many Chinese have boycotted KOREA bcos of THAAD. The Korean tourists who visit Japan almost never spend money unlike the rich Chinese. Koreans going to Japan only think of getting laid and taking advantage of Japanese society and abuse duty free tax

  14. Japan's politeness is unrivalled, compared to south koreans :p i've visited South Korea and people there are so rude.. sorry for being honest!

  15. Japan not affected if korean not travel to japan the truth is japan why kicking korea because they lie all over the world like this news that's why korean lost WTO

  16. The big damages is korean country from now on korean how to survive because without japan chemical samsung company cannot work that's why korean rally thier own country

  17. Most Japanese want to break their relationship with liars.

    Koreans who say they don't use Japanese products have to remember that.

    We do not sell nothing to them as they want.

    And liars not come to Japan.

    It is very happy, isn't it?

  18. Korean media is very emotional.

    Korean tourists consume only 50 billion yen in Japan.

    It is only 1 / 10,000 of Japan's GDP.
    Japan is calmly accepting Korea's battering movement.

  19. Damn, the bitch can hardly move her face with all the plastic surgery lmao. Also the Japanese dislike tourists is like they don't care so they're not effected .

  20. Well don't be fooled, Korean tourists not coming to Tokyo, won't impact much really, but a large number do or did go to Fukuoka and Oita ken, beppu due to it's procsimitry to Japan, these smaller cities , area's will and are feeling it..Ive visited both places in Japan, even the restuarants in Fukuoka cater for Korean tourist' is like being inKorea..hotel's etc, restaurant's will struggle if this trend continues.

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