SEOUL: Long Layover Travel Guide (Things To Do in Seoul in One Day)

What’s up, everybody? Phil here! It’s 6:00AM, we just landed
at Seoul Incheon Airport and we have a little over 12 hours before our next flight so we’re
gonna go explore the city now. This is your Seoul Long Layover Guide. Let’s go!!! One thing to note about Seoul Incheon Airport
is that it’s actually really far away from Seoul proper, like it’s gonna take a 45-minute
train with no stops to get there, so really make sure that you have enough time to go
explore the city if you do plan to do that. And also Seoul Incheon Airport is one of the
best in the world. Year after year, it’s rated Top 3, so if
you have a short layover like 4 hours or less, don’t worry, there’s plenty of stuff you
can do within the airport. And if your layover is like maybe 5, 6, 7,
8 hours, they actually do have free tours that you can schedule, but those are a little
bit more structured and you’ll only be able to visit maybe like a palace and then do some
shopping, but if you want to have more freedom and you have more time like maybe 9, 10 or
more hours, you can follow this itinerary today! Order of business before we leave the airport
is to get a SIM card, there’re tons of places you can get them around here. And right now we’re at the LG U booth to
get a SIM card of unlimited data. As long as you have a boarding pass that shows
you’re still traveling, you can get a free shower, so if you do want to access the free
showers for transiting passengers, make sure to stay airside, don’t make the mistake
like we did, but we do know that there is a spa and we’re just gonna pay a little
bit to be able to take a shower. I think it’s worth it after a long flight. OK so definitely not free, but Spa on Air
was actually a really, really nice spa. It cost us 7000 Won, which is like $6 USD
about, but it was absolutely worth it because we feel so much better and much more ready
for the day now. Now we’re gonna head to the AREX Express
Train, there are signs all over that lead you to the Airport Railroad and that’s where
you gotta go. Word of caution, the Express Train is a good
5-minute jog from where the spa and from where the rest of the gates were so make sure you
have a lot of time. We’re just catching it now! Before we even reached our assigned seats
the train started moving, so that was a close call. It’s 7:28AM right now, it’s 45 minutes
to Seoul Station, we’ve got the rest of the day ahead of us. One important tip is that you’re gonna wanna
download the Naver Map App before you come here because Google Maps does not function
well in South Korea. So go ahead and download that way you can
get around, you can have directions from place to place. Also I downloaded KakaoMetro so I can have
accurate listing for the times for subways to get around because the subway system in
Seoul is really awesome and taxis are really cheap, but when traffic’s bad, subway’s
the way to go. Now that we got here and all the logistics
are out of the way, our first stop is gonna be get some hanbok, which is the traditional
Korean garb to wear it and kind of embrace the culture a little bit. And from there, we’re gonna head to Gyeongbokgung
Palace, one of the biggest palaces that’s right in the center of the city, absolutely
beautiful, really, really popular to visit. We’re gonna take the dark blue Line 1. So after only 2 stops on the subway from Seoul
Stations, we got off Jonggak and now we’re walking north, should be about 10 minutes
to get to Gyeongbokgung. So we found a place to rent hanbok, it’s
on the southeast corner just across the street from where Gyeongbokgung is and they have
men’s and women’s and it’s open early. It’s definitely a really convenient location. We just got the handbook for 4 hours, 18000
Won per person and it comes with a free locker so it’s really convenient for leaving your
stuff here. Now we’re gonna head into Gyeongbokgung
Palace and it’s actually free admission if you have the hanbok so you kinda save a
little money there. Walking in now to the grounds of Gyeongbokgung
Palace and it is really beautiful here! There is just so much nice architecture on
all sides. We’re still here pretty early, it’s like
9:30AM so it’s not too crowded. I know this is probably one of the most popular
places for tourists to visit in Seoul, so getting here early is definitely worth it. And in this building in the center of Gyeongbokgung
Palace here, this is where the king had his thrown, it’s so beautiful in here. This is actually what the king used to get
around and it’s really well preserved to this day. Look at that, wow! The general direction we’re following right
now is going northeast and trying to exit near the Bukchon Hanok village. OK, we’ve just left Gyeongbokgung Palace
out of the east gate, now the tour buses are arriving, there’s a whole bunch right here,
it’s busy! So if you wanna be there without the crowds,
go early for sure. And on the way to the village, we’re stopping
in now at Isaac Toast and Coffee. It’s a local chain that’s really popular
and has some pretty unique sandwiches. We’re getting a bulgalbi sandwich and if
you’re looking for something quick to eat and some more local fast food, this is a great
option. Mmm! It’s not like any sandwich I’ve had and
it’s a little sweet from the galbi. After this 20-minute or so trek uphill from
Gyeongbokgung Palace, you get here and there’s no one individual place to kind of hang out
and take photos, it’s just this whole area. There’s really, really unique design everywhere,
still very preserved, very Korean and given its proximity to Gyeongbokgung Palace, I’d
definitely recommend visiting here if you have a long layover in Seoul. We returned the hanbok. Now we’re gonna grab a cab and head east
to Gwangjang Market, a really, really big market that’s known for its really authentic
Korean food. Fresh out the cab, it was about a 15-minute
car ride and it was only 7000 Won, so about $6 USD. Really good deal, especially if you’re traveling
in a group. It’s a Saturday at noon and it’s not too
crowded, there’s still definitely a good number of people here, but it goes for a while
and there’s so much stuff around here. Pretty hungry, so we just stopped in at one
of the first places we saw, this is Sunhui-Ne, I am probably butchering the pronunciation. Out front they are just cooking mung bean
pancakes like crazy and it smells super good so we decided to come in here. We got our combination here and it came less
than a minute after we ordered it. This is a mung bean pancake and also a meat
pancake. We got this alcoholic drink that’s not soju,
it’s called makgeolli and I’m really, really excited to try it. It seems like it’s a carbonated and little
bit creamier soju and it’s super yummy! And just like that, we’re out. It was about 20 minutes, we got the food really
fast, we ate really quickly, we drank really quickly, and we paid right when we got the
food. So, onto some more stuff here in Gwangjang
Market. Pretty crowded, it’s not just food here,
there’s also lots of different vendors for all kinds of different stuff. And no more than 5 minutes later, we just
came and sat down at another place to get some more food. Here we got some mayak kimbap, some tteokbboki,
and also some beef tartare here. Second meal is finished, we got a ton of different
food, different foods that I wanted to try here while I was in Seoul, anyway this place
has so many different kinds of food, it’s really fun to just come pop in, sit down,
eat something delicious. And as we’re walking by here, I’m actually
recognizing the lady from the Netflix series Street Food, the Seoul episode, the one that
makes the kimchi dumplings. There’s so much stuff to see at Gwangjang
whether it’s just wandering, sitting down getting some great food, and it’s not too
far from the rest of the stuff that we had visited earlier, so it’s a really great
place to stop if you have a long layover in Seoul. About a 5-minute walk, we’re now getting
the 104 bus that’s gonna take us to Myeongdong, really, really popular area for lots of shopping
and it’s also on the way back to Seoul Station where we gotta go so we can go back
to the airport eventually. And these little pink cards are actually stuff
that we got this morning and we loaded up when we were at the subway station. We put about 5000 Won on these, so not too
much, but it was enough for the bus fare. If you don’t feel like using a bus, feel
free to use a taxi, just hail one! They use the meter, you don’t really have
too many worries about scams and also they’re really, really affordable. So now we’re arrived in Myeongdong, super
busy streets, lots of shopping, lots to see around here. Even if you’re not a huge shopper, there
are still plenty of things to do and see around here and wander and explore and Myeongdong
is a fun place in general. One more thing you can do while you’re around
the Myeongdong area, it’s not a huge thing, but you can actually see the Namsan Tower,
the Seoul Tower, basically, in the distance. Pretty cool and it’s one more thing that
you can kinda check off your list while you’re in Seoul. Now that we’ve had a chance to walk around
Myeongdong, kinda enjoy the vibes, enjoy the energy of the area, we’re gonna start walking
back now, west to Seoul Station. Not a far walk, but along the way we’re
gonna stop for some chicken and beer, get a very Korean kind of meal before we head
back to the airport. Chicken time!!! Ah no I’m totally kidding, we’re gonna
go somewhere else for chicken. We’re heading to an area called Bukchangdong,
which is on the way from Myeongdong to Seoul Station, lots of different kinds of foods
there. They should definitely have some good chicken. And because it is 3:00 right now it’s a
bit of an awkward time between lunch and dinner, so a lot of places are closed. But luckily, we did find a place that was
open in this area: Kkanbu Chicken! Just finished up the food here, we really
wanted to end this layover on a high note with some chicken and beer. Anyway, it’s 3:50 right now, we’re gonna
head over to Seoul Station now to catch the Express Train back to the airport. After another 45-minute ride, we made it back
to the airport on time to catch our flight. Now we landed at about 6:00AM this morning
and it is now about 5:30PM so we’ve had almost 12 hours to explore the city and we
had an amazing time, checking out Gyeongbokgung, going to the Bukchon Hanok village, getting
food at Gwangjang, wandering around Myeongdong, and just in general, experiencing the city. Now, this is my first time in Seoul and I
think this is a good itinerary for anyone else having their first time in Seoul, but
this really makes me wanna come back and experience Seoul for a longer period of time because
this city has been absolutely amazing. And if you’re lucky enough to a have a long
layover in Seoul, hopefully this video is informative and gives you an idea of what
you can do and how you can go about doing it, how much things cost, and if you haven’t
already, SUBSCRIBE for more travel videos coming soon. See ya next time 🙂

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