Sending Visa Gift Cards to THE WINNERS!

100 thoughts on “Sending Visa Gift Cards to THE WINNERS!

  1. I did the opposite. I watched the jurgys channel first then watched what's inside. and yes I I'm subscribed and have notifications turned on for both channels! I like Lincolns idea just not Antarctica maybe a cold weather/climate treasure hunt😁

  2. Hey Dan i have spotted Devialet Gold Phantom in this video that's amazing could you make a what's inside video about it.

  3. I love this channel and the cool videos, but I feel like they have stopped cutting stuff opened and kind of started doing vlogs. I personally like the vlogs

  4. Listen 1:56 and listen closely to what Lincoln says. It is that i have the subtitles otherwise i'd call that inaudible

  5. 2:41 wait Lincoln lost his virginity with his own mum he said when Leslie was pregnant with Lincoln

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