See how Thai police treats an Indian Tourist!

Its 7:30 pm and I have reached Tak Now I have to get down from this truck. Tomorrow I will hitchhike another 125 kilometers to reach Chiang Mai This is Tak Highway Police Station I just met this gentleman in this police station I told him how I reached here from Ayutthaya and tomorrow I have to go Chiang Mai Lets see how can he help me Wow! People are so good here Even Thai police is very helpful He is showing me the bathroom He is so helpful! I came to the police station to ask for their help. I asked him for a budget hotel or hostel to stay but he said that I can stay at the Police station itself GOOGLE TRANSLATE APP I never had such a wonderful experience with Police I am going to stay here tonight He has shown me all the important places like the shower, toilet, washbasin, etc.. and now i have got the couch in a police station… so no safety issues What else a traveller needs! He has also given me these bottles of water NAAM=Water (in Thai) 1 Banana for 8 Baht, i.e. 16 Indian rupees I found here something which I was searching since long Almonds, Cashewnuts, Pistachio, Peanuts, Dried green peas… Being a vegetarian these things are always advisable while travelling Milk Salted Peanuts Dried Green Peas Coconut cookies Almonds Total comes to 122 Baht and 50 ‘Satang’ Yes, Its called Satang… I have become an expert in Thai 😉 Now I am having my dinner… Feeling sleepy.. Good Night I am experiencing their wonderful hospitality since early morning They opened their private bathroom for me when I asked for a place to take bath After getting ready they said me that they have arranged a special breakfast for me I made a coffee for myself using their coffee making machine They got a Chicken dish, Pork and Omelette specially made for me Though I do eat these things, being a vegetarian But I am overwhelmed by their gesture He is the senior most officer ‘Boss’ at this Police station This breakfast has come from his home I never imagined such a wonderful hospitality by a Police in a foreign country We all are having breakfast togeather We are discussing on several topics on this table They know many things about India Its 9 am and time to go His wife prepared the breakfast for me A special thanks to the lady They are also going to give me lift in their Police car and probably they will arrange another vehicle to go further upto Chiang Mai I am overwhelmed! Getting hospitality from Police I am so happy for everything they are doing for me I will travel in a patrol car of Thai Highway Police Its 9 am and today is 23rd January 2017 Its third day of my journey in Thailand So lets hit the road again 🙂

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  2. This entire vlog of uas sir, brought a big smile on my face because of the hospital given to you by Thai Police. Wow, wonderful. Grateful to Thai Police 🙂 May God bless all of them abundantly. 🥰😍

  3. Indian Police should learn from Thai Police who are kind to others, Thankyou thai police to help our brother…………………………………..

  4. आपके इस passion में आपके office और boss का भी support जरूर रहता होगा , जो इतनी छुट्टियां दे देते हैं ,
    हमारे यहां ले जालिम तो weekly off में भी रपटा रहे हैं हमको ।

  5. ऐसा विडिओ और ऐसा अनुभव किसी ने नाही दिखाय , जो आप ने दिखाय, thanks सर

  6. Hey I have a question for you, I watched your video almost always +

    How do you manage your travel budget ! Except travelling what you do for your living,?

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