Secret Tourist Spot Japanese DON’T want Foreigners to know about

today I’m taking you to a place that some Japanese don’t want foreigners to know about I know because when I asked if I could film and share this beautiful area with travelers Iowa so know by several places only sighting that they felt ill equipped to provide the proper hospitality aka omotenashi may be understandable but as long as you are spread phul and mind your manners I don’t see why everyone shouldn’t be able to experience his amazing place just like the Japanese locals I love this train this is like the perfect day trip so I have three and I just ate one I’m having a hard time choosing what to eat next I don’t know it depends what do you recommend next so I just had it cut off yes okay so this hidden place is cut Sonoma Yamanashi Yamanashi prefecture produces the most wine in Japan and cut Sonoma is the city that has lots of well-known wineries and it’s only about one and a half to two hours away from Shinjuku Station if you hop on the Express train you don’t even need to worry about the transfer which makes it a perfect one day getaway Wow so that was a quickest trip on the train it felt like only 30 minutes but it was actually more like an hour and a half but wow I just loved being on the second floor that train you feel like you can really really see all the landscape going to Japan it’s such a beautiful train the landscape here is even more beautiful [Music] these are all different wineries here you can actually rent bikes here and there pedal-assist so even though there’s hills it’ll like help you up the hill which is nice so I’ve actually been to Bhutan okay over there a long time ago maybe like three or four years ago but I haven’t been back since and this place is just a so beautiful I was there like kind of in the fall and it was really really cold where I was right now it’s a perfect weather it’s really nice and sunny so apparently the easiest thing to do is just ride the taxi there right when you get off the station there is a taxi stand right here you can see you might want to get out a little bit earlier because all the people behind me are waiting in line for the taxi [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] so just behind me is the winery that we’re gonna go to today when you think of Japan you never really think of Japanese wine but they actually have some of the best wine in the world and I definitely wanted to show you guys and this is one of the trips that you can take yourself and it’s super easy to get here yeah so today let’s just have fun I want to show you around this winery and then maybe we’ll get into some other stuff outside because we have an entire day here [Music] this is a pretty cool lounge [Music] and look how dope this place is it has its own bar it has a spout kane’ over here I’m just really impressive like how I like spick-and-span the slices here’s a question yes I got it I got it right again and of all the places we asked my turkey winery was the only place kind enough to let us film and it’s cool because they’re the oldest winery in Japan we learned that it was established by mr. sutiya who was one of the first two people who were sent to France to study wine production in 1877 while we get a really strong sense of like the wine you could smell it in the air I was almost like a rotten smell but it smells good we also learned a little bit about the history of the place how they make wine and got to take a look inside the wine barrel storage look at all these barrels behind me this is amazing I feel like I’m in an actual dream you can just live here for the rest of your life all right now off to the vineyard let’s go and they even have cute sheep everywhere these fluffy guys eat grass chill all day and sneak a few grapes when they can now off to the vintage wine cellar more than 35,000 bottles of wine are quietly sleeping in this dark and cold cellar and after all that we got to taste online we got to taste five different types of wine in this dope private tasting room next to the wine cellar [Music] [Music] this is so good it’s so clean and just going easy to drink wow this is like a taste I’ve never had before it’s so sweet and easy to drink it feels like I’m eating candy Georgia cook oh sure look at that I would never try to kill icon for it’s very interesting I’m definitely not as I’m ass then we just forgot to pay for the tour we gotta go back we’ve got to go back gotta go back soon what’s up thank you son that’s a guy yeah yeah Giza you get that behind me they have like a canvas of grapes just sheltering them from the heat check it out there’s a liquor store right by the elementary school we visited another winery Kurama Boone winery I can’t show you inside but this beautiful 130 year old house was renovated as a wine salon there 500yen wine tasting is definitely worth the visit but remember to mind your manners so we just finished the wine tours and go into all the different places which is pretty awesome today but we have like an hour to kill and replied by the station you brought a lot of wine so we might as well just kind of like enjoy it today look we’re having a picnic so I got some wine from the rhinorrhea at muttaqi the thing is one of you can open it with luckily I actually brought a wine opener today it comes in this plush box and here’s the sleek wine opener wine seal cutter co2 cartridge then take the seal cutter and twist it like so and it comes off just like this so I got this wine opener for this company called that peril it’s pretty cool is that it has kind of like a needle at the bottom that punctures actual wine cork and then you actually have whoa yeah I actually put the co2 already didn’t know that it would do that all you have to do is apparently puncture this cork with this needle here and it has like a hole in here so just pop it in like this like so and think we just press this button right here one two three look at that and pop right open pretty spic span right cork is right there I think just like to take it off unscrew it like this and then you pop it off easy as that one-two-three Dunsey now we have a good bottle one drink thank Severo for sending me this you guys are interested in this I’ll leave a link below in the description and then you guys can check it out alright so that concludes it my day trip to a Japanese winery if you liked this video help me out and hit that like button and if you want to see more adventures in Tokyo or in Japan hit that subscribe button and I’ll catch you guys in the next one [Music]

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  1. Nice video something different and is good idea to visit whiskey factories too paolo since few years ago japan win so many medals for best whiskey in the world 👍

  2. I'm going for a second time to visit Japan in late October. The winery offers English tours? And would it be too cold?

  3. Hey, quick question. As a 'wine wanker' I was hoping to visit some Japanese wineries, and had a look at this area. Do they or any of them offer tours in English? My wine-based Japanese is zero 😛

  4. This one was very interesting Paolo, I'd love to see more videos like this where you're doing something outside of Tokyo. Perhaps you can do street food videos on other famous Japanese cities like Osaka and Kyoto?

  5. Great video Paolo and friends! I’m going to be heading to Japan again in early January. Any recommendations for cool places to check out for day trips/overnights?

  6. I'd be very interested to see Japan's Brandies, cause where there's wine there brandy. I do the wine tour's here (South Africa) but I go for the brandy. It would be nice to see that and micro breweries, instead of whiskey. Awesome video by the way.

  7. Hi Paolo! My family and I love your vlogs! I'm from Japan but living in California with my family right now! I know you don't have kids but can you possibly put together kid friendly places in Tokyo for families with little kids that visit Japan? We usually go back to visit my family(Nagano) every 3 years or so so we will be there next Summer! Wish we could meet you while we are there:-)

  8. This is a must for my next trip (assuming my language studies continue to go well). Easy day trip from Shinjuku to wine country? Aw, yeah…

  9. Oh no Paolo, another new place! It's making it tough to decide on waiting to go back in 2020 instead of going back now! Lol

  10. Loving your vlogs. Just found and subscribed.i bet the wine in spectacular the Japanese turn everything into an art! Thanks for showing a different side! 🙏🇨🇦

  11. Katsunuma wine area is not a secret spot at all. I went there 10 years ago and it was already well known among many wine enthusiasts around the world.

  12. And now the foreigners KNOW about it. Paolo thinking only about the REVENUE and not the japanese people who DONT want the foreigners to KNOW! :REE:

  13. Paolo, I don’t have enough time to go all the way to this location this April but the wine that you mentioned like eating candy, my wife is interested. We went to the website and there were 4-6 wine bottles that look like it. Can you maybe give me a link to what the wine is so i can search online and buy it in Tokyo?

  14. I did not know they even made wine in Japan. Interesting. I'll have to see if I can find some here.

  15. Paolo is a gentleman…your buddy walks in front of his girlfriend constantly. Teach him some chivalry. Great vid man!!!

  16. Looks like a great option for getting to see the real Japan, I like to get away from the heavily travelled areas and see the real culture of the country. Thank you.

  17. Sorry I could not watch the name of the wine. I see you linked the name of the winery but not the name of the wine. I live in NYC we have Japanese alcohol stores so I am looking to get it as a gift.

  18. Is this something non Japanese speakers could do as a day trip from Tokyo or would a guide be better? Thanks.

  19. i been there for almost three yrs i got my japanese license in nearby of yamanashi, kubuchisawa driving school.

  20. I looove your Videos/"Serect Tourist Spots" and a day in a Japanese worker/family and so on. Please go on. Arigatooooooo! Greetings from Munich <3 Prost! ;-P

  21. Que Paso Paolo! My son and I are coming to Tokyo next year for his Highschool Graduation. Would love to hang with you while we're there. If you're interested, please email me to get in touch with you. [email protected] Gracias!

  22. Sometimes to be black. O.wish I could but

  23. Paola, try Tomii Wine next time. Their reserve wines are real good. The Merlot is really earthy and unique, but pricey.

  24. Hello! You mention in a few videos you've been in Japan for about 15 years. I found immigration is a bit tricky.. Did you work as an English teacher, or what did you do to make it happen? Thank you! I hope you respond. 🙂

  25. Thanks for taking us on that trip. Major kudos for the one location to allow you to film. Sigh, if I had lots of money, I'd love to travel the world to see locations like that, looked amazing.

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