Secret Bay Dominica – Romantic Caribbean Vacation Travel – Luxury Bungalows

>>ANNOUNCER: Often referred to as Luxury
Treehouses, Secret Bay’s bungalows are sustainably built from tropical hardwood
and perched on the hillside surrounded by trees and the sights, sounds
and smells of nature, with the river and ocean below. Sunday Times Travel
says Secret Bay is a novelty. A polished to perfection design resort in
the thick of untouristy Caribbean terrain. It’s two smaller bungalows crouch
in foliage, like fashionable tree houses for adults. Brides magazine says, An
under-the-radar honeymoon worthy hideaway. Secret Bay has sustainably built
wooden bungalows perched on a cliff, all with gourmet kitchens. A sampling from
Trip Adviser reviews showcase what you can expect from Secret Bay’s Bungalows
in Dominica. Choosing among the highlights of Secret Bay
is a futile task. Unlimited snorkeling in toothpaste colored water, the organic food
basket, the meals, sunrise nestled among the treetops in the TiFey bungalow,
the architecture that made me feel like I was stepping off the pages of Vogue,
even in my flip-flops. Secret Bay is a romantic, exotic, and beautiful
escape that before our trip, I had only dreamed about traveling to. We
stayed in the Mapou bungalow for our honeymoon. The view from our upstairs
bedroom was breathtaking. Secret Bay

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