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I can’t imagine how anybody passes a
problem that they know that they can fix and doesn’t try to fix it we can just start working to lift people up helping the people you care about I’m not gonna sit around wait for somebody
else to fix the problem. There’s not a minute to be wasted thinking about
anything but the good things that we can do. for every question unanswered a journey awaits there’s always a point where it’s time
to stop talking and to start doing Google presents SEARCH ON SEARCH ON: an original documentary series Watch the series at

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  1. The humans DO NOT understanding they THINKING is a game THEY weiting for a god from tales than coming from the sky, sorry we can't out from my dimension ASTRAL THAT'S why what we us controlled everything from there and my SUBCONSCIOUS at in the real world (the power from a god astral is amazing but the same time scared) AVRAKADAVRA UNKNOWN CREATION

  2. To all the people involved in this project including the people highlighted in the episodes – YOU ARE AWESOME. My heart is exploding with pride and HOPE for the future.

  3. 20th happy birthday and from all indians and all earth humans
    thanks your help for to study
    i wish you to enjoy and happy all google staf
    thank you

  4. Wow, thanks Google for spreading light and awareness on all the different impacts us people can make with technology! Always been a dream I am striving for but now I see proof mine will come true, thanks to this!

  5. I CAN solve ANY problem……I challenge ANYONE to prove me wrong…..I’m waiting.

    My $1,000,000 mystery box is still on eBay.
    Challenge EXCEPTED!!

  6. Does anyone know the name of the song playing in the background at the beginning of the video? I love it and am trying to find the full version!.

  7. This docuseries should be seen by everyone. It's incredible what people are doing and their stories need to be heard to inspire other people. No idea is too small or too big, and when you have the technology to back you up, the possibilities for solutions are only limited by our imaginations. Well done Google for sharing these stories

  8. Hi everybody my name is Valentine I am so sorry for everything, but thank you all for opening my You tube's terms of service , I appreciate it, thank you for sharing for me, thank you and have a great day and God bless you all.

    خروجه و الاكسسوارات من مصر

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