Scott from Colorado | Up with People Traveler

My name is Scott Harden I’m 18 years
old and I’m from Longmont Colorado. I’m a first semester Up with People Cast B
student. I decided to travel in Up with People because of all the experiences
and stories I’ve heard from other people that have traveled. My first week, it’s
been very, very much go-go-go. Here at Up with People, they keep you
very busy but everything has a purpose and I think everything that they’re
teaching you they do for a reason and you can take something out of that. What
I hope to gain out of Up with People is to learn something about everyone here
and everyone that I meet. I feel like everyone has something to offer me to
further my knowledge of the world and to help my community. I am most excited
about getting to meet new people, getting to travel the world and see things that
people my age would never get to see and do things that they would never get to
experience, but doing that with a group of your closest friends that you’ve met,
you perform with, I think that part of it is going to be one of my favorites. Doing it together. Come to Up with People. It’s incredible.

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