Schoolgirls for Sale in Japan

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  1. Internment camps. Orwellian surveillance. Silence. This year, Isobel Yeung went undercover in a special report that reveals how China is oppressing the Muslim minority Uighur people in horrific conditions. Watch it here –

  2. 7:09 sir how about you tell these MEN to stop buying underage girls for sex instead of blaming the women for prostituting themselves rather than the johns who purchase their services? There wouldn't be a market for these girls to work in if there wasn't a demand.

  3. from what i see the girls aren't being forced into doing anything. they are choosing that life…. they know what they are getting themselves into. any woman knows when you leave with a guy and go back to his house what it means. if you dont want to do that sort of thing, you avoid those situations, or in this case, careers. these girls know what they are doing and chose to do so, no one forced them. i was isolated and raised in a bad household with abusive parents and i ran away when i was 15 and became a drug dealer, but that was my choice. i dont blame anyone else for that. there are always other options no matter how alone and dark your life can seem. and i do think people need to stand up and take the blame and responsibility for their own life choices instead of blaming it on a rough childhood or anything or anyone else.

  4. It's similar everywhere…. Like every nation signed with the UN something has its own set of problems whether sex, human trafficking or prostitution and more.

  5. i’m japanese and when i was 5 i was obsessed with these girls. as i grew older, i realized the dark side of it…

  6. What’s the Japanese government’s position on this? What constitutes legal and illegal acts with these young women?

  7. 2:47 – seeing the girls nervously greet him makes me feel sorry for them. Yes, Japan is also known for animes, mangas and possibly the genres of it. And yes i love Japan but tolerating young teenage girls dressed up as fictional is already too much. But hey, that's pretty much almost every country nowadays😦

  8. the girls performing seemed lovely i’d love to support them somehow:( do they have a group name? a youtube or social media to follow?

  9. Anime is a brainwashing mechanism to advocate pedophilia. Japan is just another country full of beautiful people that have manners and are polite. They believe this covers that fact they are selling children to Pedophiles. Don't think Japan doesn't get visitors seeking this from other countries. Including the US. Hence they draw in Pedophiles for business. Taiwan and other countries are same.

  10. It is not the adults stop buy and sell this will stop. It is the Govt and culture that need to change. They are no more girls the invaded and forced them into comfort women. They are your own Japanese girls.

  11. FYI those performers are almost all in their 20's, the oldest is 27. But of course Vice isn't going to mention that part.

  12. underage girls in pornmagazines are only illegal in japan since 1999, before that you could just buy childporn

  13. Shame on japanese government. I guess in their government there are so many pedophiles that they just don't want to fight with this problem.

  14. As a car enthusiast i'v always seen japan as one of the greatest countries ever (back in the 80s and 90s) but now it looks like a shit hole filled with creepy old men

  15. Now matter the complaints it's the nature of man to desire young women / girls. It's in the DNA to procreate, the younger the female, the higher the chances. The ladies in the video are very feminine which also attracts men. Something that's becoming rare in the West.

  16. yumeno nito the outreach worker is a hero. this schoolgirl culture is sickening. somehow or other, everything always returns to prostitution. legal or illegal. it is just the buying and selling of women as it has been from the beginning. nothing has really changed yet

  17. I hope they spent time for studying rather than for prostitution which is waste of time and could speak with him in English

  18. August 2019 Ideally, the top 10% should be taxed to pay for this, but they will fight this every hour, every day, but they may allow a few of the worst cult leaders to have to pay for this, like the Bronfman NVXIUM branding cult leaders, including their liquor and casino dynasty money; Keith Leneri; Scientology, the sale of all their buildings around the world, cult money from constant 'fundraising drives' from all their lower level members; Jeffrey Epstein's estate with the Mossad, which involves billions of USA tax money for his buildings and island slavery; his female pimp Giselaine Maxwell; and all similar cults and prostitution crimes. Every K-12 and adult should have 24 hour computer access at a Planet Fitness, library building next door, to take free online courses with Skype free tutorial sessions with instructors explaining missed test questions, using the book ideas from 'The One World School House' by Salmon Khan, an MIT graduate who improved his test results by skipping classes and studying with his peers. He tested his ideas with students in schools in Los Altos, near Google Headquarters, in Mountain View, California. This book could help every human improve their education and job training for FREE. The book has been taken over by the super rich, who want to use it for profit, and to end free public education and unions for teachers. Every female around the world (and males at separate gyms) should be paid the same salary as the president of the USA to work a variety (her choice) of jobs at a Planet Fitness or nearby gourmet chef trained and managed free cafeteria (similar to Panda Express, but with everything sterilized in high tech dish washers to prevent the tons of fast food trash ending up everywhere, every hour, including creeks and oceans, all over the world). Each Planet Fitness could include free artwork and gentle stretching while listening to videos of meetings (with permission) using the book called 'Emotions Anonymous' based on 'Alcoholics Anonymous'; (12 step meetings are supposed to have no leader, to teach new people to help run the next meeting, new meetings have spread all over the world) no one should be forced to talk; the ideas can be used in every day conversations, to overcome 'church and state' history of rules to stay quiet, don't complain, conform. OSHA (Occupational Safety Hazard Administration see their data base of daily 'death or injury on the job' in the USA) should carefully manage these Planet Fitness and nearby cafeterias, and nearby high rise apartment buildings, designed by the trustworthy Richard Gage of 'Architects and Engineers for 9 ll Truth' and 'Firefighters for 9 11 Truth,' to make sure every inch is as safe as possible. Car Elevators designed to raise or lower vans, RV's, and Tiny Houses could help every resident get out of extreme weather and Chevron and Calgas explosions, and three month gas leaks that kill dogs and make humans have memory loss, balance problems, nose bleeds, etc. PG&E also caused a neglected pipe to explode in San Bruno, CA, about September 11, 2011 that burned about twenty homes to the ground and killed at least two people. These Planet Fitness, free cafeterias, free apartments would all do what FEMA refuses to do, because the elite want to 'quietly' cause millions to die early from government neglect. This includes toxic drinking water in New Jersey, similar to the Flynt, Michigan water crises. The above would help overcome FEMA's endless lines and endless paperwork for anyone seeking help. Calgas installed all the pipes in Saudi Arabia, so the general public will need the above to prepare for Porter Ranch, California air crises; families had to abandon their homes and schools for at least three months. Thank you for reading this carefully, discussing this with your friends, and if you are wealthy, to help make the above happen to end the above abuse NOW.

  19. Japan is a wonderful place but like all wonderful places there are dark sides. Everything isn't all sunshine and rainbows

  20. Disturbing. Can you imagine if we had this in the USA?
    We would NEVER allow it! Its crazy to see another country/culture actually embracing and celebrating it. And sad. Very sad.

  21. i am literally disgusted by men's attitude no matter which part of the world you go there will always be freaks and creeps men who fantasize and or exploit on females body and then the worst part is if anything bad happends the girl is always blamed #today'sworld

  22. Every country has a dark side but this is something else, all out in the open. Sorry to say but Japan is a sick place. What sort of pervertness is this? This isnt even the first time Im reading something like this. I once read about handicapped wrestling in japan. What the actual F***

  23. This is so disgusting. Old men pay for handshake????? I am not blaming those young girls, but the adults who sexualize/objectify them. Minors should be protected, not for sale


  25. so under age woman selling there body with there own free will and blame other for there mistakes because WAMEN, they cant bring blame there own ignorance and mistake. so much strong, so much independent that they need men to decide for there own responsibility.

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