Schengen Visa for Indians 2019 (PART 2) – Latest Application Process 勞

50 thoughts on “Schengen Visa for Indians 2019 (PART 2) – Latest Application Process 勞

  1. भाई ये मेरा अनुमान है कि ये visa apply process videos हिंदी भाषा का कमाल तो नहीं था?
    Just my observations 😀

  2. Bhai i am trying to book an appointment for latvia. But it's not letting me. I fill up the online application and printed it. And I also red that for short stay visa we can do walk in submission at nearest vfs office. Please help

  3. very helpful as usual….I am headed to Iceland in October and your visa videos have been very helpful. Ab baas mera visa laag jaye

  4. Bhai Aayega Visa for sure , Tere bhai ne aaj tak sab kuch Dummy tickets k saharey hi kiya hua hai ,
    ( Karan Kaura )

  5. Bhai. Meine latvia ki confirmed ticket book karvai hai agent se and he gave me a print of ticket on paper and sent me pdf of ticket on my gmail. So is it alright to travel with that?

  6. Update 2 ! I was fined at Prague Airport
    Update 1 ! Got the VISA. So Dummy Tickets work! The only problem I faced was the collection time at VFS. Generally it is after 3pm. So cross check the collection time before you go to collect your passport.

  7. My name is Sumit.I am going to apply visa for italy but i am very confused becase my one freind he will send me invition letter so please let me know whats documents will have to show.and how much should be in bank account.and i am enempollyment.

  8. I don’t have any history So in which country should i apply for Schengen visa???? Please reply bro i need your help

  9. Is that okay to apply for France? any chances of rejections after having all the documents i have my appointment on 9th july at vfs global any idea where can i evaluate my cover letter?

  10. Congratulations brother. Brother I got Austrian tourist visa for 8 days. The thing is the air fare is too high for Austria. Can I Enter to another schengen country. I will be glad if you suggest me any idea.thank you.

  11. I have 4 questions
    1.When ur in iceland then why demark embassy in iceland gave u the visa.. where iceland itself must giving u the visa as u was coming to iceland back from greenland.
    2.when i get approved visa by dummy ticket then is it mandatory to book confirme tickets of the same as dummy tickets date?or change coz it might be like they may give visa specified date showed in dummy tickets only ?
    3.i am not employed atall since 10 years my parents takes care of my expenses then how should i apply for visa and my parents are retired too . before should apply for visa

  12. Hi
    I'm Purva . I'm a Yoga instructor and freelancer . I want to go to Neatherland as u said in this video that you are also a freelancer. I don't have employment documents so how did i apply for visa and what all documents i will need please let me know. i want to go for holidays like for 10 or 15 days and im going out of India for the first time.

  13. Bro.
    Dummy ticket kha sa book kraye….
    And Jo date dummy ticket par ho visa Lena k liya bad m Original ticket wahi date ki leni hoti h ..
    Bro thoda detail m smja do..
    Thanks bro…..

  14. bhai mene austria shangan wife ke saath apply kiya tha 10th july 2019 ko abhi tak na koi call aie na sms bus ek sms aya thaa austria ambessy receve passport and application .kya aap btta sakte ho kitne time lgta hay. application reject to nahi ho gya

  15. Can you please tell me, what was the validity of visa?. Since you applied 3rd time for schengen visa, I believe it must have been for longer duration like 6 months or so.

  16. Bro tell me about multiple entry. I have to spend 10 days in Netherlands and then move on to Iceland for 10 days. Hotel bookings dono country ka Batana Hai? And Iceland mein camping karna hai mujhe toh dummy booking karna padega kya? Bhai Bata de yaar

  17. hello bhai, czech republic ne sab kuchh hone k baad bhi muje refused kar diya, 9 number refusal lga di ki aap wapis nahi ayoge, after i got refusal i prepared my file again & re solved that point, now i applied again vfs jalandhar, the file shows underprocess at delhi embassy, how much chances to get visa now ?

  18. Sir mere pass job nahi hein mein Italy Jana chahta hoon mere rishtedar rehte hein vaha voh mujhe letter bhej denge will that be enough I have sufficient funds,but I don't have job can I apply for Italian visa

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