Šie du cigarečių pakeliai buvo nupirkti toje pačioje Prahos parduotuvėje. Jie yra identiški.
Vienintelis skirtumas, kad už šį sumokėjome: o šitas kainavo: Kaip taip? Kai pirkome šitą mes sakėme: O kai pirkome šį, sakėme: Tai reiškia, kad Prahos parduotuvės keičia kainas, priklausomai nuo to, ar esi vietinis ar turistas. Ir jos pakelia kainas. Mano angliškai kalbantis draugas buvo čia ir Jūs paprašėte brangiau už tas pačias cigaretes. Kainos turistams yra kitos. Tikrai? Taip. Bet ar tai neprieštarauja įstatymams? Tai normalu. Bet man juk neparduotumėte vandens už 70 CZK? Ne… Jūs parduotumėte pigiau. Už kiek vietoj 70 CZK? Būtų už 40 CZK. 40 CZK? Jeigu būčiau turistas mokėčiau dvigubai. Ji davė man 310 CZK grąžos. Aš jums sumokėjau 190 CZK už cigaretes. Ji paprašė už cigaretes ne 150 CZK / 5,8 EUR Bet beveik 200.
Sumokėjau 190 CZK / 7,3 EUR. Aš tiesiog padaviau 500 kupiūrą
ir ji atidavė 310 CZK grąžos. Palaukit, aš įsitikinęs, kad Jūs galvojate: Kodėl rodai, kaip perki cigaretes?
Kodėl perki būtent cigaretes? Todėl, kad ant cigarečių pakelio yra banderolė, kurioje nurodyta fiksuota pardavimo kaina. 95 CZK Ir jų negalima parduoti brangiau, negu nurodyta ant banderolės. Ir jeigu parduodi brangiau, pažeidi įstatymą. Todėl pirkome cigaretes. Tęsiam toliau. Gal galėčiau gauti du pakelius “Marlboro” ? Kiek? A… 150 Čekyje matome cigaretes ir žiebtuvėlį Bet aš turiu žiebtuvėlį. Aš neprašiau žiebtuvėlio. Bet vistiek, sumokėjau 50 CZK daugiau. Mano draugas pas jus pirko cigarečių ir
sumokėjo 150 CZK. Tai kaina kartu su žiebtuvėliu. Kaina su žiebtuvėliu? Bet jis neprašė žiebtuvėlio. Jis norėjo tik cigarečių. Tai jeigu aš nieko nesakau,
Jūs man duodate žiebtuvėlį automatiškai. Tai normalu? Taip, tai normalu,
kad prie cigarečių pridedame žiebtuvėlį. Kur gi ne. Pirk coca cola ir mes pridėsime romą. Šiandienos problema ne tik dvigubos kainos, bet ir nesąmoningos kainos. Dauguma šiandien rodytų parduotuvių turi “nesveikas” vandens, maisto kainas. Todėl būkite labai atsargūs. Rekomenduojame aplankyti
mūsų lankomas vietines parduotuves: Pirkti šiose parduotuvėse saugu. Aa.. Tai būkite atsargūs ir neleiskite klestėti šiems aa… Vadovaukites taisykle:
Jeigu produktai neturi nurodytų kainų arba nėra aiškaus kainyno. Toje vietoje nepirkite. Arba pasinaudokite skaičiuotuvu. Ei, ar vanduo už 8 EUR nėra brangokas? Nes konvertuoti iš kronų gali būti sudėtinga. Jeigu norite žinoti, kokios apskritai yra kainos. Pasižiūrėkite mūsų sukurtą
reportažą (Is Prague cheap?) apie įprastas produktų kainas Kiek turėtų kainuoti vanduo, duona, bulvių traškučiai ir t.t. Apačioje rašykite komentarus, o taip pat ten rasite ir prenumeratos mygtuką. Nes mygtukas prenumeruoti verčia mus
ne raudoti, o džiaugtis ir šokti. Ačiū, kad žiūrėjote.
Tikrai stengiamės, kad Praha taptų dar įspūdingesnė. Kad Jūs čia galėtumėte smagiai praleisti laiką. Ir pabaigai čekiškas žodis: Tai yra brangu. Tai yra brangu. Tai nepirkit!

100 thoughts on “SCAM ALERT: TOURISTS PAY DOUBLE in PRAGUE (Honest Guide)

  1. I'm so embarrassed that asian, specifically Vietnamese, tries do these stuff. But it's such a big business, that they don't even care.

    Yes I'm Vietnamese, my grandparents live in Prague.

  2. Simple solution, I'm never visiting Prague. I know there are scammers everywhere but there are more than the average in Prague.

  3. This has been happening for years. I was there like 20 years ago and it was happening with accommodation, entertainment, food, clothing everything

  4. I am local and i dont give shit if they dont put price on it you can feel scam from far… i have to recommend people not visite only Prague, Czech Republic has many places where can you enjoy time without crowds of people and triple praces… Prague is Czech worst example of big city.. You can fly to the Pardubice airport and visite Hradec Králové for example. You will fell rich in these cities

  5. Promiň Janku ale na poprvé co jsem tě viděl na YouTube vypadal si jak tary ale vypadáš jak normální dobrý občan z česka který chce pomoci turistům. A jak se řekne anglicky- keep up the good work 😁😉

  6. This is normal practice in Czechia and has been since the borders opened in 1989. This will never change. They know western tourists make 4 times more than they do so they charge them double.

  7. wow! your great guy. i been in praque! its very beautyful city but most of people in this city is the worst and absolutely not friendly and a lot of trap and cheater. thats really poor. i been in brno, and there are so friendly nice people!

  8. Im now kinda hesitating abt gowing to prague, im literally goin prague in 2 weeks but know, it just kinda make me sad anout what's happening in prague, im sorry im just kinda protecting myself, i might cancel my trip cuz of this. 🙁

  9. stava v centru dost casto. Kdyz promluvim clovek cesky tak muze stat pivo ve vecerce misto 60kc 30kc.

  10. few years ago when I was in Prague some stupid albanian tried to scamm me but he ended up in hospital with broken arms and 3 years in jail. he tought that I was easy mark for him,but he met my biker friends from ČR who didnt like that filthy albanian is ruining Prague

  11. Thank you so much this is my second day of being in Vacation on Prague, i have seen many of your videos and i can say this helps a lot!

  12. from watching all your videos, now i never want to visit prague, it is full of scammerS, all the shops are liers, all money changers are scammers too, what is there? castles and scammers? go to another European city that is much better, PRAGUE SCAM CITY

  13. In france a pack is an average of 8.5 € for locals, so even at 150 crowns a pack when scaming it's still way cheaper than the regular ones here in france xD

  14. Seems Prague is full of scams plz of lazy police and no such rules to check the items , currency check!!
    I don’t dare to come while watching this video this is the same condition of Paris now a days

  15. Thank you so much for your precious work! Your government is on long vacation! Time to go back to work like it supposed to be! Crack down these scammers!

  16. Wanna get scammed for cigarettes come to Australia the government will scam you 40 aud for a packet 😂🤦🏼‍♂️

  17. So i can buy one for the regular price then come for a refund acting as a tourist and getting more money? Great!

  18. That's the reason why I never buy in these little vietnamese owner shops in Praha downtown. If i want to buy something, i can go to Billa or Albert supermarkets. Cheaper and more better than these tourist traps.

  19. When you come into the shop in Prague and see Asian people, better search for another shop. They too often try to scam you and then pretend they don't speak English.

  20. As I understand it (still have to visit Prague) the greatest problem with Prague is that this sort of blatantly illegal stuff is completely ignored by the city.

  21. Im a foreigner living in prague . Last week i was going somewhere in “ liftago “ taxi. Whn i reached destination the driver told me to giv him cash 320czk. I even asked why dun you accept credit card .he said no no only cash. When later on we saw our account he had deducted 320 czk from credit card too:(((
    Soo disappointed ☹️

  22. The same thing happened to me… Chinese woman charged me 70 czk for a battle of water… next day I payed 12 czk in supper market..

  23. Would be great to do some videos with you while I'm in France! I'm from Sydney and these are comical gold. Honestly I have no problem getting up close and personal with scammers 😉

  24. well i am living in Prague for 3 years and i really like it. Just one time I was disappointed. I visited Hrad Karlstejn and there was a board of the ticket prices and the price of a tour for foreign is 120kc more expensive than the tour price for Czech. I may be mistaken but I have never seen this before somewhere else. I mean you can promote local tourism but maybe not this way.
    and thanks for your videos 😀

  25. I was just about to book a few days in Prague when I saw this video. Fuck that, I'm not going to ruin my holiday with these guys charging double because you're a tourist. F U scammers, taking my vacation elsewhere.

  26. I went to Istanbul once, I faced same problem in the beginning, then I didn't face any troubles at all, Because I didn't talk, I only pointed what I wanted with an angry face, so people gave me what I wanted with the right pricing..

  27. You don’t have to worry that much about getting scammed in NYC too much you might just get told to fuck off
    by vendors.

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