34 thoughts on “Save and share your favorite places with Lists in Google Maps

  1. i have created this, yet do not have SHARE button at top screen, moto g4 UK.. app 9.46.1 android beta tester — perhaps update coming?

  2. This functionality seems limited to phones and tablets. It would be very helpful if it could work with the chrome browser on a real computer.

  3. pelamor de Deus alguém sabe como fazer a porra do mapa parar de falar a porra dos nomes de ruas puta que pariu fico louco com essa vaca pqp

  4. This feature has been long overdue. It's a start but I do find it a shame I can't pick or change the color of the icons of the custom lists I create. What's the point of being able to make a list and differentiate places when they all have the same color icon? Would not be too difficult to offer a choice of basic colors. Like colors of labels in Gmail..

  5. When will Saved Lists be available on Desktop? The disconnect between the platforms is making this feature (which is really great!) difficult to use full time.

  6. Google, you're obviously associating these lists of favorite places with users' accounts. Why not update the UI of the Google Maps web app to make these items available to users who aren't using the mobile app on Android or iOS devices?

  7. I'm sorry I can't make it working. I'm sharing several lists of places with my wife via Google Disk but she can't open ANY of those shares. She cannot open them in Google Disk. Any idea, pls?

  8. It's a nice feature, but one thing that is lacking is that I can't change the icon of my lists. Would it be possible to add this?

  9. Can you please do a video on how to stop Google Maps from "recommending" directions to anti-gay, anti-semitic rallies? It's getting annoying.

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