Santa Olalla del Cala, ecoturismo por senderos de minas y dehesas

Today we escaped from ecotourism to Santa Olalla del Cala on the border of Andalusia with Extremadura and we do it by electric bicycle this strategic enclave of Huelva geography It has a cycle path that runs through a natural park with historic mining landscapes ample of those and the possibility of sighting raptors we will know the culture and roots of santa olalla and visit an environmental foundation and its astronomical station dedicated to research meteor activity Well I to We travel to the northeastern part of the Sierra de Aracena Our starting point is on the hill of Santa Olalla Castle at 540 meters altitude Here we start in an environmentally friendly means of transport the electric mountain bike every time you pedal the engine assists in 1 2 or 3 more pedals Depending on the level of assistance that you demand from the engine, green is the eco model standard that is blue and then there is the sports model that is purple that is to climb very steep slopes the engine goes assisted with this battery that are 500 watts and gives you a maximum autonomy of 105 kilometers today we will make the route of the teulet mines is a circular route of 13 kilometers of difficulty middle-low which can be done perfectly with the family that runs along the path of the former three miners This cycle path of the Sierra de Aracena it runs mostly on roads bleached by cork oak and olive trees enzymes In its route it passes in front of the remains of the stop of the old train that works the first half of the 20th century joins the mines of Cala with a jetty in the Sevillian town of San Juan de Aznalfarache to transport the extracted material as the itinerary continues, the road becomes narrow and without a wench the physical preparation does not matter since these bikes match the condition of the participants Without difficulty we reach the viewpoint over the abandoned Euler mine exploited from the Romans we stop to admire the lake that has been created at the bottom of the cut and the mineralization colors of the walls It is an example of landscapes modeled by human hands in the natural park Nerd Back Santa Olalla we visit the imposing castle declared of cultural interest has ten towers from the walls made with stones and mortar, one of the most important steps of the plateau was controlled in the past towards Seville and the Guadalquivir Valley to one side the town unfolds while the western slope can be seen at the top fountain that supplied water to the population in the Middle Ages and views are lost to the Sierra del Viso in his room he who commanded to build this castle for the defense of the kingdom of seville from the Portuguese attacks on the one hand and of the attacks also of the Muslims or of the Arabs who were still in Granada is a fortress castle belonging to the Galician band once these lands are they conquered the Arabs repopulated with people coming from the lion of northern galicia Next to the castle is the church of Our Lady of the Function which was made began to build a century later in the 14th century has a peculiarity that is its Mudejar door when you enter the church first it is striking that part of the church walls is the living rock the church has another gothic-style door called forgiveness in front of it is appreciated as the sanctuary sits on the rock a few steps away a striking Plateresque cruise reminds the traveler that he is in the primitive route of the silver We continue down the street zurbarán where the ethnographic museum is located in a picturesque square Exhibits a multitude of pieces donated by neighbors that reflect the customs of yesteryear Reveal the evolution of objects of daily use and the field the importance that agriculture and livestock have always had for the inhabitants We arrive at the emblematic Constitution Square crossed by the national highway 630 is the main artery crossroads since ancient times It is dotted with family restaurants where you can taste the most typical dishes that are not lacking ingredients of the garden and other products of the earth such as the exquisite chacinas coming from their own killings the history of the establishment goes back half a century ago my parents started in front of the church tower we pretend that what is the essence of when I started do not get lost and not lose the traditions we have the Iberian pig that each one does it or elaborates it in a way and we intend to make each one a recipe that identifies you with a veneer of Caramelized stewed potatoes that are always said before they were widowed potatoes and the pork cheeks while also thinking about him in hunting season we make deer loin recipes partridge salad we give many games to gastronomy We turn now to know the natural environment that this gastronomy provides the pasture is the type of ecosystem that occupies most of the surface from the Sierra de Aracena Park and Aroche Peaks There are farms with hundreds of hectares like this one that we travel along with the environmental foundation that manages it collaborate with space conservation forming new generations and contributing to the local economy with work such as grazing, cork and other traditional methods The philosophy of this pasture is the sustainable use of resources and organic production is about making livestock traditional and extensive that continues above all the welfare of the animal we have a total of about eight hundred 900 head of cattle spread among cows pigs and sheep the breed we have of cows in the retinta breed we have nine small calves Here we have the Iberian pigs are the jewels of the pasture we currently have a total of 300 between small and large and here are the vouchers 0 of this year’s mountain and those who take advantage of the acorn have little hair and 15 as you can see quite pretty thin Holm oaks and cork oaks populate 80% of this extension Among all the copies an oak and a cork oak stand out for its dimensions Exceptional bearing and conservation status both range between 400 and 500 years of existence and make up a natural monument a perimeter protected by its enormous landscape value Under a clean and crashed sky we have the opportunity to continue learning Among the various national and international projects of the foundation closely linked to research It is worth mentioning an astronomical station responsible for studying meteoric activity to know more about our solar system consists of a sky background brightness meter and is provided with a camera that captures the entire celestial vault of a long exposure image is taken every five minutes in order to detect the entrance to the meteor atmospheres as for example fleeting wake or also if it reaches the luminous intensity of the venus planet they are called boyle Some of the cattle farms in the area have been converted into rural accommodation adding to the hotel offer In addition to astronomical tourism, the traveler has many more activities within reach It is an area of ​​total pasture and a part of the olive grove closes a purely cattle farm primarily dedicated to the protection of the Iberian acorn-fed pig and crossover cow we also have hunting uses the building was a typical mountain farmhouse basically this area here was part was the house and all these all the blocks He did nothing but if you see a little the shape of the windows of the house the mud floor that has tried to keep the architecture a little bit of the place not people can enjoy these windows very much watching the panoramic and do activities like hiking take zetas and enjoy nature not ultimately Among the possibilities we opt for ornithological tourism another good option to delve into the natural heritage of the mountains We go out to the mountain here the raptor sighting is usual it is the kingdom of the golden eagle and the griffon vulture of the black vulture one of the largest birds in the world with almost 3 meters wide because in an area of ​​high where they can see all the territory they can see if there are other vultures that have found food because the heat needs the heat of the sun it helps them to climb at heights they go up and up they go up and then what they do is they slide towards the next thermal it is as if the techniques were a bus and that way they hardly have to beat their wings they eat occasionally every two weeks every three weeks and need to save energy with the impressive valley in the background we serve the explanations about the habitat of these birds a 60 magnification telescope allows us to shorten the distance up to them and observe them in detail In Santa Olalla del Cala, the traveler can explore hidden places in the Sierra de Aracena Get lost in your pastures discover the keys to organic farming or ornithology and enjoy its Iberian cuisine they allow a total connection with the plural life that also offers us splendid sunsets

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