San Clemente California – Tips for Trips

Welcome to another Tips for Trips video. Today we’ll take a quick look at San Clemente. Remember you can watch this video with optional
english or spanish subtitles. San Clemente is a city in Orange County, located
on the California Coast, midway between Los Angeles and San Diego. This city is known for its ocean, hill, mountain
views and nice climate. But mostly for its Spanish Colonial style,
or “Spanish Village by the Sea”. The beautiful Pier of San Clemente ends at
Avenida Del Mar, and was part of the original village that later became the city. San Clemente has a Mediterranean climate,
and it is considered the surfing media capital of the world, as well as a major surfing destination. Notable people linked to San Clemente: president Richard Nixon bought a vacation home nicknamed “Western White House”, where
he wrote his memoirs. Actor Jorge Garcia went to San Clemente High
School, and director Rian Johnson was also raised in San Clemente. His 2005 film “Brick” feature shots of the
San Clemente High School, which was also depicted in the film. Many of the locations in the movie are still
identical to the real ones. If you liked this quick video, please don’t
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32 thoughts on “San Clemente California – Tips for Trips

  1. Nunca supe que existía otro San Clemente en otra parte que no fuese Argentina. Buen trabajo, muy bien logrado.

  2. Impresionante viaje, saludos a Hernán en Argentina la tierra de Diego y Messi muertos de friooo 😂😂😂😂 🔥🔥🔥🔥⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽⚽

  3. Que lindo plan!!! Me lo agendo entre los próximos destinos a recorrer!!! Sigan cargando tips porfa que nada mejor que un buen consejo para armar un viaje inolvidable!!!

  4. Que buen lugar! no lo conocia. Otro motivo mas para ir a pasear por la costa oeste, gracias por compartirlo!!

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