Salesforce World Tour 2018 PitchComp interview with Robert Wickham

– Hi I’m Robert Wickham, so I am the Regional Vice President for Platform and emerging technology
across Asia Pacific. Look PitchComp this year was amazing! It really raised the bar from last year I think in the end they
had, they were the ones that had a clear purpose,
they really connected with the audience and with
the judges as well and to see them win was really
gratifying because it goes to our core value
at Salesforce of the business of business is to
improve the state of the world. So they really understood their market, and their role in it. They started with a
really impactful statement by saying, imagine if a non for profit could not communicate the value of the money that they’re raising. Would you give them money? And that really sort of
connected with people in the audience. So that ability to have
a strong connection, a purpose, and really understand
your market of personas. I think that the top lesson
for this competition here is in PitchComp 2018
we were really focusing on helping companies scale, as opposed to the previous years were all about how can get companies to start. And that’s reflected in
the size of the prize $100,000 U.S. dollars is real money that can change the
fortunes of any company. So, traction, is vitally important. Being able to demonstrate
the market that you’re in. The amount of traction that you’re having. The customers that you’re having. The success that you’re having with them. To communicate that in a confident way is really important. One of the things that I
think is pretty interesting is earlier this week
there was a study that came out in the newspaper, from the recent PWC report, surveying, CEO’s in Australia, and the large majority,
70% of them, said that having a clear purpose
for their organisation is now more important than ever. And again that’s really
gratifying to see somebody like Socialsuite, win the PitchComp a company that’s focused
on changing the world and having an impact, clear
purpose, is really gratifying!

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