Safety Tips For Female Solo Travelers

I set the suitcase down next to the car and then went into the car and my suitcase was gone solo female travelers are becoming more and more prominent these days which is amazing Japan London Asia Mexico Australia yeah if you’re a girl traveling by yourself or with a group it’s important to be extra aware of what’s going on I was exiting a bus and I didn’t realize someone had started following me women are in no way responsible for what others do to them in these situations just to be extra safe here are some tips from other female travelers that you could take with you on your next trip I’ve been in situations where I can kind of feel or sense people looking at me a weird way or maybe you’re starting to walk up behind me make sure that you have your chin up and you’re staying off your phone if you really look alert and like you know where you’re going and you’re walking with the purpose then people will probably not mess with you try to ask for directions from people in a group or in a family have multiple forms of your ID and maps print it out with you if you’re booking an air B&B try to book an air B&B from a super host super hosts are basically people who have five stars and just all-around high ratings from a whole bunch of people do research on the place that you’re going and try to look up different neighborhoods so that way you know which areas might be kind of sketchy versus which are really safe when booking a hostel try to read the reviews especially from women don’t set your belongings on a chair or on the ground or anything that’s not attached for you because you don’t know where they’ll go make sure you carry a bag that closes up and zips for example like a fanny pack I don’t go anywhere with that you want to make sure that your bag zips up because it’s a lot harder for people to get in avoid wearing flashy jewelry or watches so when I would drive a two-wheeler in India I would often tie a scarf around my face it actually kind of safeguards you against eve teasing catcalling and people following you around on the road as well [Music] I was in the Philippines and I was traveling alone and I was trying to get into the train but it was super crowded people were pushing and I checked there was a women’s only cart so I was able to get in there and just feel better about my personal space if you’re in India or the Philippines and the trains get super crowded try to check that there’s a women’s only cart and you can use that Wi-Fi is super unpredictable take screenshots of the information that you need so that you can access it in case you can’t download it always ask the airport security or the concierge what the average fare is for certain distances this is to avoid getting overcharged know which modes of transportation are typically safe and unsafe where you’ll be traveling drop a pin and share it with a loved one in case something happens in case you lose your passport make a color photocopy of it or email it to yourself research where you’re going the local laws and customs before you go and make sure you have the proper address that you know head scarves or long pants for religious temples things like that don’t carry all of your valuables with you at one time if you’re trying to deter unwanted attention you can tell the person you need to go meet your boyfriend your husband or your friends some women suggest wearing a fake wedding ring even if you’re not married to show that you’re not interested here in a different country you’re not familiar with your surroundings or with people around you it’s always good just to know exactly what you’re drinking so if you can see if you’re being opened you know what’s in it you do get the chance to travel and just like step out of your comfort zone a little bit it’s a really cool thing to know [Music] you

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  1. A scarf around face won't really protect you from teasing, & catcalling, and mostly definitely not from people following you though.

  2. I've been travelling solo for the last few years, and I found this really useful. Thank you for making it for women as well, it gets really scary out there. It's gotten to the point where I don't go out at night at all.

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