S. Korean tourists stranded in Saipan due to typhoon returning home

South Koreans stranded in the Pacific island
of Saipan due to a typhoon there last week are returning home today and tomorrow. The government expects most of them to be
off the island by Monday. Oh Jung-hee has more. South Korean tourists who were stranded in
the Pacific Island of Saipan after it was hit by a typhoon last week… are returning
home on Sunday and Monday. Arriving at the nation’s main gateway, Incheon
International Airport,… they described their ordeal and expressed relief at being home. “The windows at our hotel shook really hard
and the first floor was flooded. The elevators didn’t work either, so we had
to walk up the stairs.” “I’m not really sure how strong it was, but
my body shook left and right even though I didn’t move at all.” On Saturday, the South Korean government dispatched
a military plane to Saipan. It’s gone back and forth between Saipan and
Guam,… moving more than 70 people to Guam from Saipan. Then, South Korean chartered planes bring
them from Guam to Incheon. The rescue process has been gaining speed
since Saipan reopened its airport on Sunday, so now chartered flights are being sent directly
to the island. The authorities expect roughly 600 people
to return to South Korean on Sunday… and another 1-thousand on Monday. “This is an emergency situation caused by
a natural disaster. We’re giving priority to the elderly, pregnant
women, and those with illnesses. We’ll do our best to provide the necessary
supplies.” Seoul’s transport ministry says there will
be four South Korean planes flying form Saipan to Incheon on Monday that will hopefully have
brought back most of the South Korean tourists. But the situation could change depending on
weather conditions in Saipan and circumstances at the airport. Oh Jung-hee, Arirang News.

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