S. Korea plans to boost island tourism, tourist programs in Seoul

South Korea is planning to boost tourist programs
and infrastructure across its 33-hundred islands. Four government ministers related to culture,
oceans, and infrastructure signed an agreement Tuesday,… to launch such an initiative. They pledged to improve facilities along the
piers and transportation to the islands,… as well as increase the range of tours and
cultural events. Staying on tourism,… the Seoul city government
also plans to ramp up programs for visitors. Amid ongoing efforts for peace on the peninsula,
the capital will introduce tours and cultural events that are significant to cross-border
relations throughout the year. It will also work to promote a trail of Catholic
pilgrimage sites,… recognized by the Vatican as a global pilgrimage destination.

One thought on “S. Korea plans to boost island tourism, tourist programs in Seoul

  1. People like to go to places that have sentimental values to them even if it is mundane or ordinary.

    South Korea should tie their tourism industry with their successful Korea-Novela/Movie export.

    The shows and films would highlight picturesque and interesting South Korean places and cultural traditions, and help builds sentimental connection to such places and event to their audience.

    It's could potentially turn the entire Korean country in a Disneyland-esque tourist destination because the fans can see sentimental familiarity in those places where their favorites shows had been set.

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