Rwanda’s Capital is Attracting Tourists

Nestled between rolling hills, Rwanda’s
capital is friendly and welcoming confounding preconceptions. Because 24 years after the genocide which
shocked the world Kigali has worked hard to reinvent itself,
with its eyes on the future. With a host of startups, a burgeoning art
scene, great dining and some of the world’s best coffee this African capital is building a reputation
with tourists. Welcome to Kigali. With a population just over 1.1 million people,
Kigali is both geographically and culturally the centre of Rwanda. It’s streets are spotlessly clean streets,
crime is low and the economy is growing. Kigali is capturing tourists who used to only
pass through on their way to safari or gorilla tours. After the shocking events of 1994 the city
and country wants to show the world another side and create a new legacy. Kigali is trying to model it’s economic
growth off the likes of Singapore and Seoul, complete with a citywide obsession with keeping
the streets clean. Citizens are required once a month to partake
in a giant neighbourhood cleaning effort. On top of that it’s illegal to import, use
or sell plastic bags and it’s taken very seriously. Plastic bag traffickers, yeah that’s a thing,
have been fined and even jailed. As a tourists you’ll warned not to bring
any into the country when you arrive. Staying in the city is easy, with over 100
hotels including the big names like the Marriott, Radisson Blu and the Hilton. But, arguably the best known is the Hotel
de Milles Collines. It was here in 1994 that 1,200 people took
refuge during the genocide. That story inspired the film Hotel Rwanda. At the time is was the city’s premium spot
but these days newer hotels offer more luxury. Despite that – sitting in the lobby you can feel the charm is still here. Internationally Rwandan coffee is regarded
as the best in East Africa but it’s no popular with the locals. Rwanda’s are more into tea but despite this
Kigali has a handful of excellent coffee shops. This is Question Coffee where the beans are
sourced from female farmers and roasted in house. And this is the Shokola Cafe – a trendy spot above Kigali’s public library. Here’s a quick tip when heading out in Kigali,
dress up! The locals all look sharp and wandering around
in some old t-shirt and shorts is not going to cut it When travelling around the city you’ll
notice bright murals dotted around. This is the work of a public arts social enterprise. In a city with almost no graffiti this is
public art supported by the government. So it’s more positive messages than free thinking
street art anarchy but the scene here is maturing. There are a number of boutique shops where
you can pick up some of the local arts and crafts. This the Go Kigali Boutique, which also offer
city tours that’ll show you around the the town’s most exciting spots. Finally, finish off your day with a drink
looking over the city at the Hilton’s new hotel in the centre of town. With 180 degree views and an excellent cocktail
menu, you can watch the sunset in style. Because, with so much excellent food, drink
and ease, Kigali could well become a tourist must see
in the next few years. So get in quick before the crowds arrive.

100 thoughts on “Rwanda’s Capital is Attracting Tourists

  1. 1- Education Education Education.
    2- DON’t trust the west.
    3- respect each other despite the differences in religion or race or tribes.
    4- leave the past and forgive to live.
    That’s the secret of every rising country

  2. I love how clean Rwanda is… Rwanda is a model country for all of Africa!! Africa can be trendy, beautiful, clean and prosperous. Africans are regal, developed, highly educated and organized!

  3. Kigali was the most impressive city I visited in Africa when I cycled across the continent in 2011. I felt safe everywhere I went and there was tremendous progressive energy. It’s great to see that the city remains so vibrant.

  4. If Africa can rise , nobody can stop it , hay people concentrate on work and being genuine which is the root for success . Then you can be the example for other hypocritical African leaders .

  5. Do you know what the worst thing that could happen in your life ?? Becoming a cleanliness freak when you live in a dirty city like me

  6. I'll take green rolling hills, safe, tranquil valleys interspersed by prestine streams, warm people with equally warm and smiling faces, with eyes bright with the hope of a even brighter tomorrow right around the corner and churches that know how to worship, than tall buildings, fast cars and bright lights, every where, any day.
    "I'm coming Rwanda."

  7. I think we found our Wakanda in real life.
    I bet the 1994 massacre was lead by Killmonger, and Rwanda's coffee is probably made from Vibranium.

  8. It really surpirsed me how fast Rwanda went on… I remember when I was in 5th grade I read some holocaust stories from Rwanda and I felt so bad about how many people were murdered. It's Rwanda's pride that it's been recovering and developing so well nowadays.

  9. Well done Rwanda and your government. It's all politicians decision if a country want to develope or not

  10. Making for a monthly community clean-up is a great idea. It serves to strengthen community bonds with each other and with their public space. It reinforces a sense of ownership where your neighbors are your partners

  11. This is great. Embracing their culture but also rethinking it and innovating. I hope they'll continue developing!

  12. proud that we have such a beautiful city and growing country like Rwanda in our continent, with love from Egypt


  14. Nigerian leaders need to take lessons from Rwandan leaders. Importation of plastic bags is illegal and a stupid Nigerian is saying we should fight electric cars so we can sell our oil. The changes we can make can be so subtle yet effective, but no. Go on Rwanda, make Africa proud!

  15. It's one of the safest countries in the world. Rwanda is even safer than the UK. Don't believe everything the white media outlets try to tell you 🙂

  16. I rented an airbnb room at Charles gallery and he scammed me . He cut my electricity and WiFi. Very abusive and scary

  17. we must all be very careful because all those tourists want to destroy Our Africa/Rwanda. they really do not want us to grow without them noticing. why can't Europeans leave us alone? wasn't Libya and other countries enough?

  18. When you have deadly history and you wake up you will go straight because you already experienced maximum pain and you Realized that there's no thing behind any war or fighting between brothers and there is no winner at all and you will never try it again. This also happens to European when the ww finished they realized that there's no price behind it only million of civilian people who lost their lives, so they stop the game and they develop and I think they will never start it again at least not in their home. Rwanda growing because they experienced this test and also there's a leader he know what he's doing.

  19. I am born and raised in Singapore, got to say, there is a bit of a resemblance between our countries. Nice work to the government for keeping the streets clean from garbage and any black market activities. Definitely will have to come and visit this place, gonna stay at that Hilton hotel with that rooftop bar.

  20. I saw Rwanda on Aresenal kit. then I search on google when i see several Rwanda photoes. Woow It is amazing place of Africa. Honestly, I never ever know the country before. But, Rwanda makes me wonder. I hope to visit Rwanda if i have chance. from Thailand.

  21. Hello everyone. All of this is due to the leader Paul Kagame. He has followed Lee Quan Yu of Singapore. So that is why it’s so clean and the country’s development has been so rapid.

  22. I'm from the Democratic Republic of Congo living in Dominican Republic but think about moving back to Africa and specially Rwanda. I really miss Rwanda used to go there before 1994 genocide and always been in love of Kigali and now it's way better than before. I'm definitely moving to Rwanda.

  23. From bad history to cleanest and secure country. Rwanda to the world. That is my country and im proud to be Rwandan. welcome to the country of 1000hills

  24. The Congo is the one stealing minerals, according to the Angolan govt:
    Reuters Oct. 14, 2018

    Angola, the world's fifth largest diamond producer, has launched an operation in recent weeks to clear tens of thousands of people involved in digging for precious stones.

    Many of them are from neighboring Democratic Republic of the Congo, and hundreds of thousands of people have poured over the border back into the Congo, border guards there told Reuters.

    Angolan security forces stormed the town of Lucapa, according to 15 witnesses, killing dozens of people, burning down homes, looting property and forcing people to leave.

    "There was a lot of violence in Lucapa. The military was shooting at us while Tshowke were killing people with machetes. They jointly killed more than a dozen people," said Victor Tshambapoko, 28, who worked as a diamond digger in the region.

  25. Unless you go on Safari the only place in the entire Africa beautiful, safe (ish) enough is Cape Town. Very affordable with current exchange rate with all the usual chain – Hilton/Hyatt Hotels and tons of beautiful Boutique hotels with excellent service – fantastic food and food and food – tours of the mountain, penguins, wine farms – the VA Waterfront is a pleasure to visit for shopping, eating people watching – NONE of the other African cities can offer this in a million years.

  26. Imagine living through a genocide and Civil War. Only to be sipping martinis at high end bar, 10 years later.

  27. While Blue mountain coffee might be the most popular/best in the world, tea is more popular with Jamaicans as well

  28. Rwanda's leader should also rule DR Congo. The world's should-be richest yet one of the poorest country.

  29. Happy to see a leader who is actually praised by the people as "Great Leader" or "Dear Leader." Unlike The Kims, and others. The Kims had great potential, but they totally ruined it.

  30. The wonderful people of Rwanda are making it a beautiful , clean and pristine country . I can safely say that Rwanda has become the heart of Africa .
    With love, from India . ❤

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