Russia: BRICS citizens could enter visa-free to boost tourism, says Putin

To attract foreign tourists, we should look at the possibility to relive some visa formalities. For example, we could spread the practice of visa-free exchanges for groups for all BRICS countries. The amount of tourists travelling through Russia has increased by nearly 30 per cent in 2014, reaching 41 million people. Apart from that, inbound tourism has increased by 16 per cent. Of course, we understand perfectly that the current economic and price situation as well as the exchange courses are playing a major role. Spending holidays in foreign countries has become more expensive if we exchange in rubles. But it is also obvious that the domestic tourism industry has gone through positive changes. Many regions have seriously started developing tourism. Touristic complexes and attendant infrastructure are being actively reconstructed and built. We only have to remember Sochi, which has become a whole-season, world class destination for tourists. We can only effectively grow the touristic potential with a comprehensive and systematic approach, taking into account all issues including a high-quality service and comfortable logistics; a broad range of hotels of different price categories. I think this is important and particularly interesting for the people, especially for the place where we are now. Holidays in Russia must be comfortable, interesting and beneficial.

19 thoughts on “Russia: BRICS citizens could enter visa-free to boost tourism, says Putin

  1. Russia invites Chinese peple to visit Siberia! Next step will chinese settlement in Siberia…. And later Chinese referendum secured by Chinese troops in a manner of Crimea. Good luck, Russia!

  2. though agree with most of it, it's not like putin is not entirely contamianted-by-public free. watch for the beggers wh0 speak not for russia, but self-s0loist greed attitude. apperance of which may be genuine, or rather: actually alwaysen genuine, yea.

  3. Although I love Indians, Chineses and Russians peoples and cultures I have concerns towards massive immigration (just a little bit would be great, why not, but massive…) to BRAZIL, we already are overpopulated with tons of problems!!

  4. I'm an Indian I support BRICS SCO Eurasian Union firmly Eastern block has to rise it will BRICS countries can travel

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