Royal Culture Festival aims to give tourists glimpse of palace life

Four of Korea’s grand palaces are hosting
the Royal Culture Festival to give visitors a glimpse into the life of the royals from
ages past. Organized by the Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation,
the event, which also offers performances and exhibitions, runs through Sunday.
Lee Ji-won reports. Colorful lights illuminate the walls of Heungnyemun
gate,… and graphics dance to the music that fills the air.
From gigantic water drops to massive swirls, Heungnyemun gate is turned into a canvas that
portrays digital art. The performance captures the attention of
passers-by, drawing them in to Gyeongbokgung palace. “I thought the performance was amazing, inspiring
even. Lights of every color splashing onto the walls and the sound of a baby’s laughing
made it very enjoyable.” The performance is part of the Royal Culture
Festival, which is now in its second year. Various activities and exhibitions are taking
place at four different palaces in central Seoul — Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, Changgyeonggung,
Deoksugung. Some of the living quarters have been renovated
to preserve their original use and to allow easier access.
For instance, Emperor Gojong’s library, Jibokjae, is now open for visitors to read books.
Another popular event is where people can learn about traditional beauty practices,…
including trying out the makeup. Using traditional cosmetics, visitors can
have a better understanding of the olden days. “The lip balm made from safflower has a nice
color and really moisturizes. I feel like it’s also better for my lips because of its
natural ingredients.” And with the cool breeze and beautiful scenery,
visitors not only enjoy the activities, but also get to appreciate the traditional beauty
of the palaces. “The festival aims to give visitors a glimpse
into palace life and a better understanding of the country’s rich cultural heritage. The
events, from performances to exhibitions and more, highlight some of the best of what traditional
Korea has to offer. Lee Ji-won, Arirang News.”

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