Rota Vicentina – Full Version 5m30s

There is a certain time of the year when I’m
asked where I’m going. And I always reply: Just going for a walk. But this year, I’ve decided to be different. I’m going to follow the sun, wake up really
early, get my feet in gear and only rest when the sun sets. I’m going to follow the trail, the track,
the lane, the pathway. I’m going to follow this route. I’m going to follow the rivers and streams
that flow into the great Atlantic. I’m going to follow my instincts. I’m going to follow my staff. The very same
one that accompanies me every step of the way and never fails me. And this year it points Southwest. I’m going to follow the migration of the big
flocks and the flight of the storks which have chosen to live by the sea. I’m going to follow one of the best preserved
European coastal areas. I’m going to follow the surf, where the green
and dark blue have mingled, since the time when the world ended here. And the wind… I’m going to follow the salty wind. I’m going to follow the scents of the earth,
the herbs, the spices, the food, the meat, the fish… …and the “Bacalao”! I’m going to follow this music and see where
it takes me. I’ll take advantage and follow the laughter,
follow the fiestas and festivals and why not follow the dancing! I’m also going to follow the footsteps of
the faithful and the people from other times, the legend that talks about St. Vincent and the faith in St. James. I’m going to follow the fishermen, the shepherds… …they always know the way. And at the end, when all that is left is the
dark sky I’ll return to follow the sun while it bids
us goodbye as it dips into the waves. It’s then, and only then, that I’ll lose my
breath. These are the feelings that I’d like to share
with you. And it’s not that far away.

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