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– Today, we’re headed to Broken Bow for a little pizza, some horseback riding, and some beautiful cabins, so come along! (peppy rock music)
♪ Oh oh oh, oh ♪ – [Narrator] This is
the Oklahoma Road Trip. ♪ Oh oh, oh ♪ – [Narrator] Today, the crew
heads south toward Hochatown just in time for lunch at our first stop. Where are we, Lace? – Alright, we are pulling
into the Grateful Head, gonna eat some really good pizza. (both cheer) (mid-tempo country music) – My brother and I, Kevin, we were looking to open a restaurant. We’re Dead Heads.
– Yeah? – We’re big Grateful Dead fans, so– – Nice.
– In fact, that’s kind of why we
opened the restaurants, or the business, so maybe
we could afford to go to follow The Dead, and go to the shows. So, we’ve got the Psycho Supreme, which is I think our most popular, followed by the Tree Huger,
which is the all vegetarian pie. Cosmic Charlie, they’re all Dead related. Tried to get as many Dead
related names in there. And then, of course, the
beer, we love tap beer, so we only serve tap beer,
still only serve tap beer. We’ve changed our ingredients
a few times in the years, but we always come back to
what we initially started with, and it’s served us well,
and we love it still. Well our pizza, it’s one of the
best I’m Southeast Oklahoma. We got peoples coming from miles around, Houston, Texas, we got
people coming from Missouri just to eat our pizza. – These are all local beers
from Beavers Bend Brewery and Mountain Fork Brewery,
which is right up the street. – Our beer is cold as ice. 24 beers on tap, more on the menu. – Cheers!
– Ooh! (man cheers) – After enjoying lunch
at the Grateful Head, the gang heads East toward
the beautiful Broken Bow Lake. This area is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful and
serene parts of the state, and is famous for it’s natural scenery and a variety of outdoor
activities available to visitors. And that brings us to our next stop, Beavers Bend Depot and Trail Rides. Hey Randy, thanks for having us. – I’m glad to have you. We’re in Beavers Bend State Park, and that’s located in Hochatown. – [Narrator] You guys have
horseback riding here, right? – Horseback riding, and
we have the pony rides for the little kids. We have the horseback
riding where the little kids can ride with you, or you
can ride your own horse. We have our famous train,
and we have our hay rides. The horses are, they’re all
real level-headed, they’re calm. They kind of follow one
another through the trail. – [Narrator] Tell me a little
bit about the train ride. – [Randy] It goes along
the old river bed area. It’s about two and a half miles,
it takes about 15 minutes. You’ll get to hear some history about how Beavers Bend
became a State Park, how the lake was created. Well, this time of year
everything’s changing colors, leaves are falling. It’s the most vegetated area
in the state of Oklahoma. – This area is beautiful. These trees are way taller
than you’d expect out here. Got evergreens,
(camera shutter snapping) and oak trees, and all kinds
of stuff, it’s beautiful. – I’m on horseback on Zack, he’s a basic dude.
– His name is Zack? – His name’s Zack, dude, layoff. Don’t let Zack fool
you, he’s the wild card. If you’re in the area, if
you’re not in the area, come down here to Broken
Bow, hit their trail rides. They got hay rides, they
have the little train ride that goes through the woods. I mean, we saw a bunch of deer, we saw a bunch of signs of wildlife, and it was just a fun,
relaxing little ride through the woods. (mellow country music) (psychedelic trance music) From Beavers Bend Depot, the team heads back toward Hochatown. Southeastern Oklahoma is home to a wide variety of rented cabins and houses that offer visitors the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking natural scenery. That brings us to our
final stop of the day, the Charred Pine Luxury Cabin. – When you walk in, I feel like, and I’ve been in a lot of cabins here, and this is definitely really different. Obviously somebody cared. Was this, were you a part of this? Were you the picky person walking around the interior.
– I’m more on the interior, (man laughs)
my husband, he picked the floor plan, the design. We did a lot of charred
pine, low pitch roof, trying to make it a little different than everything else around. We wanted it to be modern on the inside, but look very rustic on the outside. We wanted it to be where large
groups of people could come, hang out, kids could play,
you could still see them, have your pets. So what our plan was is we
did two master bedrooms, so our thought was two families
could rent it together. And then, we have a bunk room that has two queen beds
with two twin beds above. – Oh, that’s great.
– So total, we sleep 14. One of the things we love is
one, the change of terrain compared to everything else. You feel like you’re really in the Ozarks. All the sudden, there’s the tall pines. And I’ve been to a lot
of lakes in Oklahoma, and they don’t look like this. – Alright, we’re out here
at the campfire at our cabin in McCurtain County. Do you have any pointers on cooking brats? – You gotta cook ’em all the way through. – I’m gonna get my mallow
out of the fire here, put it onto my chocolate, grab it with another graham cracker, and (s’more crunches) (sighs) enjoy. – Cooking a nice jalapeno brat for dinner. It’s been a really good
day here in Hochatown. (upbeat music) – On today’s Road Trip, we
experienced some of the beauty and hospitality that the
Broken Bow and Hochatown area has to offer. We started with pizza at
Grateful Head Pizza Oven, The Grateful Dead-themed
restaurant and tap room. We highly recommend
their Psychedelic Supremo and Tree Hugger pizza,
as well as the variety of local beers on tap. Next, we traveled to Beavers
Bend Depot and Trail Rides. Located in Beavers Bend State Park, visitors can experience the
beautiful forest on horseback, as well as on their replica
C.P. Huntington Train that offers visitors both a guided tour and a relaxing way to experience
the park’s natural scenery. Finally, we ended our day at
the Charred Pine Luxury Cabin in Hochatown, where Aja gave
us the tour of the cabin and shared the design philosophy that makes this cabin so unique. The Charred Pine Luxury Cabin
can be booked via Airbnb, so be sure and make your
reservation as soon as possible. Join us next time on
the Oklahoma Road Trip where we’ll take you on a
special shopping journey across Oklahoma, just in
time for the holiday season. We’ll see you then. (peppy rock music)

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