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– [narrator] Our state is
one of the most beautiful and unique states in the USA. We want to show you why traveling within the great state of
Oklahoma is a great idea. This is the Oklahoma Road Trip. – [Male Reporter] Alright guys, today our road trip brings us to one of my absolute favorite areas in the state of Oklahoma, Robbers Cave. Hiking, camping, canoeing, fishing. But, beyond just the fun
activities, some cool stories. – [Male Reporter] I actually, I love the legend behind this place. The reason it got its name, Robbers Cave, was supposedly, this was
a hideout for some of the most notorious robbers, of its time. Belle Starr, Jesse James, they hid out 150 yards back this way. – [Male Reporter] Yeah, so
there’s a big cave, back there, and we’re gonna go check it out. – [Loran] It’s really
phenomenal what all you can do at Robbers Cave. From fishing, camping,
climbing, horseback riding, pretty much anything you’re looking for, we can do here, at Robbers Cave. So, we have camping, and so, that can mean
a lot of things, here. So, it can be back-country camping, tent camping, RV camping. And then, we have the cabins. I love those cabins. The view is spectacular,
behind the cabins. There is rumor that we
had Jesse James here, and, Belle Starr. I don’t know if you
know who Belle Starr is, but she was quite the character. She’s actually buried about
20 miles north of here. And, she would harbor
all of these robbers. And so, as you can tell, it’s really hard to see
underneath the cover of the trees. And, it was areas like this,
that they could keep a lookout for anyone coming in. You can find, in the park, Jesse James’ initials
carved into the rocks. We just had someone bring into my office, a couple days ago, a bullet
from that time period, that they found.
– Oh, my gosh. So, we do allow metal detecting, out here. So, there’s still today’s
type of treasure hunting that you can do out here,
so it’s really amazing. – So, you heard it from Loran, if you haven’t been to
Robbers Cave, you gotta come. Now, I’m gonna rappel down this… – Gonna be fun.
little ledge, in a minute. (laughter) – Hey, how’s it goin. I’m about to cruise down this cliff, here. Test the anchor out for everybody. Oklahoma has some awesome
places to climb and rappel, and, it’s super-fun, especially out here, at Robbers Cave. This place is beautiful. But, if you’re ever gonna come out here to climb or rappel, make sure you’re with somebody
who knows what they’re doing, or you yourself, know what you’re doing. This is one thing about Robbers Cave, is you have to know how to
make a bunch of anchors, cause there’s no fixed hardware, anywhere. But, it’s some of the best,
coolest sandstone, ever. – Go! Take your time. (upbeat music) – [Interviewer] How was the rappel? – It was awesome!
– It was awesome! – It’s a good time. – A little scary at first,
but once you get going… – Then you feel more comfortable. – Yeah. – Yeah, it was good to be
back on the rope, again. – What do you think, Hightower? Man, this view is worth it! – This is Oklahoma, that’s crazy! – [Narrator] After a full
morning of hiking and rappelling the beautiful cliffs at Robbers Cave, you’re bound to get hungry. And, that’s where our next stop comes in. The gang heads south, into Wilburton, for lunch at a local favorite,
Maw and Pa’s Country Cafe. – [Female Reporter] We’ve
just left Robbers Cave, and drove only about 10
minutes into Wilburton. I am here at Maw and Pa’s, with Charlene. Can you tell me a little bit about how you started this place? – [Charlene] We’ve been open
about a year and a half. And, me and my husband decided, why not? We gutted the whole thing
and started from scratch. It’s just home-cooking. Everything’s made from scratch, basically. The chicken fries, we
cut ’em, tenderize ’em, bread ’em here, deep fry ’em. Our barbecue, we smoke for 14 hours. Homemade french fries,
our seasoning’s homemade, and, our barbecue sauce is homemade. My best-seller, what we’re
known for, is our chicken fries. – The chicken fried steak? – Chicken fried steak. In Oklahoma, we just
call ’em chicken fries. – Chicken fries, oh, that makes sense. (laughter) – So, that’s pretty big. The plate was so big,
they couldn’t even fit the mashed potatoes on it. – Where’d that onion ring come from? I mean, doesn’t get any better than that. – I’ve had some good chicken
fried steaks in Oklahoma. We should be like the
chicken fried steak capital of the world. – [Male Reporter] After eating
our fill at Maw and Pa’s, we head back towards
Robbers Cave State Park, just in time for their
annual fall festival. Located just off the
shores of Lake Carlton, the annual festival, which
takes place every October, features a variety of food,
arts and crafts vendors, live music and entertainment,
amusement rides, and, the classic car and truck show. – Hello, from Robbers Cave Fall Festival. Look at this car, lifted. And, the one behind it. These are so cool. There are a lot of people
here, let me show you. I’m not looking at the right place. – Hey, I’m Eric Lead, and I’m at the Robbers
Cave Fall Festival, 2019, and, this is my ’68 Camaro,
cobalt blue and white stripes. You know, I’ve been comin’ down here to the fall festival, for years. But, I haven’t brought a car
down here, ’til this year. – [Female Reporter] Nice,
what would you tell people that have never come here, before? – Oh, it’s great. It’s got about four or
five hundred cars here, there’s lots of arts
and crafts to look at, just a good family deal. – This is just a great festival, and the weather is always great,
people are always friendly. And, I do one car show a year, and it’s this one because it is special. This is a plaque for
the old ’56 Chevrolet, Top Five, special interest category. – [Female Reporter] Wow,
did you win that here? – Today. – Oh, you just won! Oh, my gosh! – [Male Reporter]
Congratulations! Congrats! – [Female Reporter] That is awesome! (exciting music) – [Male Reporter] On today’s road trip, we shared in some of the fun and history that the Wilburton area has to offer. First, we hit the hiking trails
at Robbers Cave State Park where we met with Loran,
who told us all about the exciting history of the park. And what visitors can experience today. The park was beautiful, and offers guests an
incredible variety of indoor and outdoor fun. For a full list of the
park’s countless activities and amenities, check out Next, we drove into Wilburton, where we found Maw and Pa’s Country Cafe. There, we met Charlene, who served us up some
made-from-scratch comfort food. Everything we ate tasted amazing, but we highly recommend
the chicken fried steak, and, the barbecue brisket sandwich. Finally, we drove back to
Robbers Cave State Park, just in time for the annual fall festival. This festival takes place every October, and draws more than
eighty thousand visitors to celebrate the fall season, with food, arts and
crafts, and live music. With the main event, the annual car show, bringing in more than 500 hot
rods from around the country. Join us next time where we’ll
take you to Talimena Drive, explore Brown Bear cabins in Talihina, and, we’ll finish off the day
with dinner at the Rock House. We’ll see you then.

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