Road to 150: Best Things To Do In Saskatchewan

We’re in Saskatchewan, the 8th province we’re visiting during our 150-day road trip across Canada. We started our journey off in Prince Albert
National Park, Saskatchewan’s first national park which is home to the southern boreal
forest region of Canada. The park is home to a variety of trails, wildlife,
beautiful lakes and the little town of Waskesiu. We had the opportunity to explore a variety
of those trails, which led us to beautiful views of forest, rivers, bogs, lakes and other
scenic areas. One of our favourite activities was renting
a pontoon boat and going out on Lake Waskesiu. We loved cruising around the lake, feeling
the wind through in our hair and of course, jumping off the boat and into the water. We also experienced one of the many gorgeous sunsets
that Saskatchewan is known for. From walking along the beach to hiking the
various trails, Prince Albert National Park was definitely one of our highlights. Next, we drove to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan’s
biggest city. Here we visited the Wanuskewin Heritage Park,
a national historic site of the First Nations. We really enjoyed learning about the archaeological
importance of this site, the plants they used for medicinal purposes, and how to build a teepee. What we really loved was spending some time
with Lawrence, a professional hoop dancer who showed us how to hoop dance, while explaining the cultural significance and connection to mother earth. When I’m teaching hoop dancing, there’s some
people that don’t know about the connection with mother earth, with how they feel with anything of nature. The connection makes me feel good with the
people so that they can share their enjoyment, their laughter, their happiness. And that’s what I enjoy. I like seeing that. And when they learn something, it brings a
big joy in my heart to know that I’ve done that. I’ve done something that made a difference
in somebody’s life. After Saskatoon, we made our way south to
Little Lake Manitou, Canada’s version of the Dead Sea. Thanks to its high salt content, you can float
easily in both the lake and the nearby mineral pools. We couldn’t believe how easy it was to float
and relax in the water. Next, we moved to Regina, Saskatchewan’s capital
city. One of our favourite activities was walking
around Wascana Park, a massive park in the heart of the city. We got to see the beautiful Parliament buildings,
and visit the Royal Saskatchewan Museum, which does a great job of showcasing the province’s
wildlife and ecology as well as the history of the First Nations. We also visited the Royal Canadian Mounted
Police Heritage Centre, where we learned about the history of Canada’s National Police Force through various artifacts but also through fun interactive games and exhibits. Next door to the museum, we experienced the
Sunset Retreat Ceremony, a military tradition that dates back to the 17th century and that takes place where all the RCMP officers in the country get trained. The ceremony includes a colourful display of marching, military music, troop drills, the lowering of the Canadian flag and even
the firing of a cannon. If you are in Regina during the summer, this
is an experience you shouldn’t miss! After a couple of days in the city, we drove
further south to Grasslands National Park, one of the few remaining natural grasslands
in North America. This beautiful park is off the beaten path
and is home to some of the rarest animals in Canada. One of these rare animals were the black-tailed
prairie dogs. We could see them running around their homes and barking at each other to warn about potential danger. In this case, us! They were so cute and it is very easy to
see them from the trail. We also saw a lone bison roaming around the park, a big iconic animal that made us feel as if we had gone back in time. We also had the opportunity to go on a variety
of hikes, which took us to various prairies landscapes and scenic viewpoints. Our favourite hike was to 70 Mile Butte,
one of the highest points in the park where we got incredible views of the surrounding
areas. It felt amazing to look down at the wide open
prairies and imagine the history that has taken place here, from dinosaurs, to First
Nations, to European settlers. This was definetly my favourite landscape
in all of Saskatchewan. Another one of our favourite activities was
spending a night in a teepee, a unique feature offered by the park. Not only was it cool to stay in a tepee after
learning so much about them but it was the perfect way to experience the darkest dark
sky preserve in all of Canada. We got to see a beautiful display of stars
and a quick glimpse of the northern lights. If you’re looking to explore one of Canada’s
lesser known parks, see some rare animals, or look up at the stars, Grasslands National Park is the place to go! Before leaving the province, we stopped by
the Great Sandhills Ecological Preserve to experience sand dunes in the middle of the prairies. It was really fun to race each other up and
down and cool to see this ever changing landscape. For a province often known as being flat,
nothing could be further from the truth. From forests and lakes in the north to roaming
prairies and sand dunes in the south, Saskatchewan is the perfect province for anyone wanting to explore the outdoors. Thank you so much for watching our Saskatchewan episode. To learn more about what we did in Saskatchewan,
as well as other provinces from across the country, visit

87 thoughts on “Road to 150: Best Things To Do In Saskatchewan

  1. Wow!! This video gave me chills and made me so proud to be Canadian. My husband and I just discovered the beauty of Saskatchewan a few months ago . You're right, it is definitely not flat and boring… it's amazing! Thank you so much for your amazing video!!

  2. We, the whole team, from Warm 'n' Cozy Care Inc. ( are glad to see our lovely province on youtube. We are a senior care business.

  3. 22,000 views and no-one is as bothered as me that they said they seen the Parliament buildings in regina?

  4. The Canadian Prairies remind me of the American Midwest. Something tranquil, nice people, untouched by the chaos of the urban areas and incredible beauty.

  5. Saskatchewan is really a cold depressing place, this video is fake and not reality… Saskatchewan is the most racist place in Canada and has the most drunk drivers and the funny thing is they have no population…

  6. great video. I was born in Saskatchewan and have lived in several towns in the province. I went back a few years ago for a year to work, and I quickly realized why I had never been back there since I left. I moved from Saskatchewan to the Yukon, then down to northern BC then down to southern BC. i'm a mountain man now. I could only go a month at a time out there working then I had to get back to BC for a long weekend to see the mountains again. and i'm in no hurry to go back again either. but if someone has never experienced it, it should definitely be seen, it's unique. other places that could have been included are Lake Diefenbaker, all the awesome grid roads, and Moose Jaw, where there are still tunnels under the city from Al Capone. actually, you could simply visit all the weird-named towns, like climax, elbow, eyebrow, cut knife, love and urin, just to name a few.

  7. Hi, how are you? I want to visit these places, but I have no Canadian visa, I am from Pakistan. Can anyone send me invitation for visa process??

  8. After I graduated from SK, the government lied out bunch of immigration policy that made me no way to stay in Canada. Then I moved to BC where it was much easier to immigrate and more jobs, higher pay. Before I moved to BC, I had no idea where I want to live rest of my life, SK was a choice because I was already used to it, I mean winter. Now it is no longer the case. Thanks SK government. But… do not get it wrong. People in SK are the best people I have met in Canada, and I lived in multiple cities in Canada, I do believe I have credit to make such a comment.

  9. God damn it I love in California right next to Los angeles and even though I have so much fun I really do want to vist Canada or eve live there

  10. wow… i love this video so much… it gives me great impression, i feel so close with the Saskatchewan even i watch it from Indonesia (South East Asia). Such a beautiful video with a beautiful music too, great job guys. I'll wait your next video about Saskatchewan. and you've gotten a new subscriber 🙂

  11. If i were to travel across canada, which i already did. Id skip saskatchewan. Which i wish i did the first time

  12. I live in Arkansas and in the late 70's I worked for Bechtel Const Co and we built a natural gas pipeline north out of Regina up Hy 6 to serve that area. I Llived in a small village Duval, also Strasbourg and I must say I loved every minute of the job and the people I met there, Long Lake is lovely as is the rest of Saskatchewan. I loved the solitude and silence of the prairies. How I would love to return for a visit or to stay. You are blessed to live there,

  13. I can already tell you there is nothing to do in Saskatchewan other than farming and oil drilling. It's the ND of Canada

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  15. Just want to point out that the there is only one parlaiment building and its in ottawa. Each province has a Legislature building.

  16. 100 times better than all other Saskatchewan tourism videos. I didn't know about the salty dead sea like water body…definitely visiting. Good work guys

  17. I love it here but like i've seen and done everything in Saskatchewan everything is good the first time then gets pretty repetitive n boring…. also it was literally -45(Celsius) 2day and i had 2 go outside which was very unpleasant :')

  18. Something I like to do in Saskatchewan is if there is a tornado watch or warning, I go outside to the near by fields with my brother just to wait and see if one happens. For some reason, they like to happen near my house.

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  21. seskachewan is very beautiful,wonderful 💖 lakes.forest and natural greenery,really cute forest animals beautiful Park.

  22. To summon a Saskatchewanian you must eat their wheat. They'll be summoned in a tractor and a cowboy hat.

  23. It seems like the British almost exterminated all the natives in Saskatchewan and now made for them zoos where you can see them performing. Very sad and terrible way of treating other people.

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