Rick Steves Phrase Books: New Editions Available Now

Guten Morgen — I’m Rick Steves, and happy to announce that the new editions of the Rick Steves Phrase Books for Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and German are out. You know — I don’t speak German, but I know the German phrases, and I know the importance of communicating. When you communicate you connect — you make more friends, you spend less money, and you know what you’re eating. This morning, with the help of my German Phrase Book, I know that my coffee is mit milch, my egg is hard gekocht, I’m drinking not apfelsaft, but orangensaft, and at the breakfast cake buffet I know that this is apple — apfel — zitronenkuchen is lemon cake, and pflaumen— here in the Tirol, the plums are great! Once again, the new Rick Steves Phrase Books for Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German are out, and they’re all designed so you can travel smarter. Happy travels and guten Appetit!

18 thoughts on “Rick Steves Phrase Books: New Editions Available Now

  1. Hi all, Amy here. Planning a trip to Europe? New editions of Rick’s Italian, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese phrase books are available now at: https://store.ricksteves.com/shop/guidebooks/phrase-books

  2. Our favorite route through Europe runs right along the Rhein. Knowing German just makes the process so much easier. Hint: Ausfahrt isn’t a town off the autobahn. Also, really long words in German are actually just nouns back-to-back. Sometimes that can be 3 or more words combined into one. Don’t get overwhelmed. After a little use, you will see the little words contained within these monster words. 👍

  3. What a great idea. I have played around with learning German for some time and this would be a great way to return to it. I have no real interest in mastering German, but learning to speak it enough so that I could understand locals would be very rewarding.

  4. Oooh!
    It is no coincidence that this pops up today when I decided to go to Germany in November.
    Guess I'll be purchasing this book 🙂

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