RI tourism business bringing donations to areas affected by Sandy

NOW — WE CONTINUE TO TRACK SANDY’S IMPACT IN SOUTHERN NEW ENGLAND. CLEAN-UP IS STILL GOING ON —IN THE HARD-HIT MISQUAMICUT AREA OF WESTERLY —- AND WE’VE LEARNED THE RECOVERY EFFORT WILL LIKELY BE PUT ON HOLD WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY, BECAUSE OF THE NOR’EASTER. MEANWHILE — ONE AND A HALF MILLION HOMES AND BUSINESSES REMAIN WITHOUT POWER — EIGHT DAYS AFTER SANDY HAMMERED THE EAST COAST. AND TOMORROW A LOCAL TOURISM BUSINESS WILL TRAVEL OUT OF STATE — TO BRING FOOD AND OTHER ITEMS TO THOSE STILL STRUGGLING FROM SANDY. THE PINPOINT NEWS TRACKER SHOWS YOU WHERE THEY’LL BE HEADED — ROCKAWAY BEACH, NEW YORK. EYEWITNESS NEWS REPORTER STEVE NIELSEN JOINS US FROM THE PROVIDENCE MOBILE NEWSROOM WITH MORE. its only been a few days since we told you about locals trying to help out the victims of hurricane sandy and all ready they say the response has been more than they ever imagined. PACKING FOR THOSE WHO NEED IT MOST. this is… kids shoes. HURRICANE SANDY HIT RHODE ISLAND HARD… BUT NOTHING LIKE WHAT IT DID TO NEW YORK AND NEW JERSEY. THE PROVIDENCE HEADQUARTERS FOR G ADVENTURES… WANTED TO HELP… ORIGINALLY THEY WERE ASKING FOR DONATIONS TO FILL UP ONE BUS AND SEND IT DOWN TO THOSE IN NEED… theres been so much help.. friends and familly… its been amazing.. going from one bus to three buses now. DONATIONS POURED IN AFTER OUR STORY AIRED LAST WEEK… THE BUSINESS HAS TRANSFORMED INTO AN ASSEMBLY LINE OVER NIGHT TO PACK UP AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. weve got womens pant size small.. we’re marking everything so that when we get to that shelter.. .we can stay really organized and keep passing things out to the people that really need it. EVERYTHINGS BEEN DONATED… FROM CLOTHES AND TOYS… TO GAS CANS AND GENERATORS. the hope that we’re giving them with just these things… you know some shirts… some essentials.. its just going to brighten their day and give them hope. AND MAYBE IT’S THAT LITTLE BIT OF HOPE THAT HELPS SOME RECOVER FROM DISASTER. g-adventures says if they get anymore supplies they’ll keep heading down there to help out the victims of hurricane sandy. with the mobile newsroom… steve nielsen eyewitness news.

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