Report: Montana cashes in on tourism, but Yellowstone County lags in visitor spending

Montana’s tourism industry continues to pump billions of dollars into the state’s economy from visitors eating in our restaurants sleeping in our hotels and visiting our landmarks it’s really mind-boggling how much tourism means to our local economies the Institute for tourism and Recreation at the University of Montana is now out with its newest analysis and for y’all Stowe County the state’s most populated not as much as you might think take a look Gallatin County actually saw the most tourist dollars with 660 million in non-residents spending Yellowstone County ranks fourth in the state following Missoula and Flathead counties with 225 million in non-residents spending in Yellowstone County over the past year now while there is a drive for tourists to visit our national parks Alix Tyson with visit Billings says one of the keys to our local strategy is to get visitors to explore more of eastern Montana from a Montana brand point of view where it’s like okay bucket list destination I want to fish I want to go to Yellowstone I want to go to Glacier I want to hit Pompey’s pillar in the Lewis and Clark trail and you know all of these great cultural and historic and natural wonders that we have how do we make sure that we go hey Billings is a great place to make part of your itinerary don’t forget about us and that’s where our job is that report from the University of Montana on Montana tourism is published each year and this year reached researchers saw tourism spending in Montana increase 2.6 percent from the previous year

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