Refugee.Info Hub: Providing vital information to refugees

We’re living during one of the largest
humanitarian crises in the world. Being able to affect as many
people as we have here, that’s just powerful. I was part of the emergency unit
that the IRC sent to Greece to assess and provide
life-saving support to refugees. This is 30 days worth of arrivals on this gigantic mound.
Can you imagine eight months? There were boats coming in, day or night, carrying 50, 60, 70 people each, having survived this hellish trip,
to face chaos. We were a handful of volunteers
and some NGOs, trying to provide basic stuff, such as food, dry clothes,
medical attention and these people were
totally helpless. Information was so scarce, they were full of anxiety of
what comes next. You know, they had
this first big step achieved, and then uncertainty. It was incredibly important
to be here, to see
what was happening on the ground There were people
carrying their children, a few of their personal belongings, but what was interesting to see that many of them
were holding phones, mobile phones. And we thought, well maybe
we could use our technology with the IRC and Mercy Corps’
understanding of the crisis itself in order to give the refugees
the information to stay safe. So together
we made Refugee.Info Hub. It’s a mobile site
that gives refugees information like where to get medical attention, how to find refugee camps,
and anything else needed, all in their own language. When we went live,
it was powerful. What would take a few days, now it’s a matter of minutes. What we started here— delivering life-saving information
through technology— I think that’s going
to be done more in the future. And the amount of people
that we’ve touched is incredible.

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