REAL Time Travelers Caught on Tape?! I Found Some Evidence!

Hello Youtube! Thanks for watching another video by Viral
Empire! Do you believe in time travel? What would you do if you could actually Travel
in Time? You know what I would do? I would travel back in time and give Jesus
a haircut! So he doesn’t look like a HOBO! I would also grab some famous tities and get
away with it. Yea. Is time travel possible? Lets look at some time travelers that may
have been caught on tape! Before we start make sure you subscribe to
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and slap your ass while you are still. Muahahaha… I will end you. Let’s Go Viral. Number 10: Two Bald Men When bald people wash their face, how far
up do they go? This man is Hakan Nordkvist. Damn these Swedish names. Apparently, he claims to have visited the
future and even took a video on his mobile phone with his future self! You see that bald old man there, thats him
at 72 years old! Well, do you believe his story? One thing is for sure, 30 years in the future,
there is still no cure for baldness. Number 9: Iron Mike Tyson Loves Smartphones Mike tyson vs peter mcneely, 1995. An amazing boxing match marking the return
of mike tyson after serving 3 years in prison for rape. This fight lasted only 89 seconds as mike
tyson knocked out peter mcneely in stunning fashion within just
89 seconds. However, after this video was uploaded to
youtube, viewers noticed something very unsusual in the background. A man can be seen amongst the crowd holding
up what seems to be a smartphone and recording the fight! Remember, this is the year 1995 and smartphones
havent been invented yet. Even camera phones only started
appearing the market in the 2000’s. So what on earth is he holding? Some people have speculated that
it might be a 1995 casio camera. However, why would anybody hold the camera
vertically? Also, the color and
shape is different. Could this be a time traveller from the future
that decided to record an awesome boxing match with his smartphone? What do you think? Number 8: The Time Travel Rally In 2012, This man uploaded a video on youtube
asking for help . Apparently, he received a letter from his uncle
containing photos from the future! The letter claims to contain photos of a rally
scheduled in 2016. We can see people carrying posters demanding
the government to reveal it’s top secret time travel program
to the public. Do you believe that the government is hiding
some advanced time travel technology from us? Can you identify the rally in the pictures? Number 7: The Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler In the 1920’s, Charlie Chaplin starred in
a famous movie called The Circus. In this movie, there is an unexplainable
scene which caused widespread attention amongst modern viewers. In one part of the movie, a woman can be seen
walking across the camera while talking on what seems to be a mobile phone. Obviously, mobile phones were far from being
invented in the 1920’s when this film was made. She even seems to be talking into this unknown
device when you zoom in to take a closer look at the footage. Could this have been a time traveller from
the future? What other explanations could there be for
this strange incident? Number 6:
Cellphones of the past This is another time travel footage that is
quite similiar to the one we just saw in the Charlie Chaplin Movie. In a camera footage taken in the 1930’s
another woman can be seen holding a cellphone and talking as she made her way across the
street with her friends. In this
video, the cellphone can clearly be seen in her hands as the footage is taken from the
front view. She seems to blend
in naturally with her environment and the cellphone did not look out of place at all. Of course, it would seem incredibly
absurd to modern viewers because we know for a fact that the first cellphones are only
invented some forty years later. Number 5:
The Ancient Chinese Swiss Watch In December 2008, a Group of chinese archaeologist
allegedly extracted a giant coffin from a 400 hundred year
old sea king tomb in Shangxi, Southern China. This tomb is believed to be previously untouched
and they are the very first explorers to have extracted it,
since the funeral of the Ming Dynasty Emperor, 400 years ago. Now what makes this so interesting is that
they found a tiny swiss watch in the shape of a ring, buried within
the tomb. Needless to say, watches did not exist during
the Ming Dynasty and Switzerland wasnt even officially
a country at that time! Could this be concrete evidence that Time
Travel exists? Number 4:
The Chronicles of Basiago In 2004, an attorney by the name of Andrew
D. Basiago garnered alot of attention when he claimed to be a part
of a secret time travel program by the government called project pegasus. Basiago claims that when he was only
7 years old, from 1968 – 1972, he was recruited to participate in some time travel experiments
that allowed him to travel to various time periods in history. According to Basiago, children were recruited
specifically because of their unique ability to adapt to the strains of time travel. Basiago claims to have visited Gettysburg
in 1863 during Abraham Lincolns address and even has a photo to prove it! Number 3:
The Mysterious Man in Photo A book titled the cape scott story, printed
in 1974, contains old photograph and stories from a small town
between canada and the United states called Cape Scott. One particular photo in the book drew widespread
attention. It shows a group of people in 1917, all dressed
up in attire from that time period. However,
one man sticks out like a sore thumb. This man can be seen wearing T-shirts and
shorts and sporting a modern hairstyle. The people around him in the photo can be
seen staring at him like he was strange. He obviously
doesn’t fit into the photo at all. Could this be a mysterious time traveller
caught on camera in 1917? Number 2:
How to Escape the police This is a video footage take from a police
car dashcam during a car chase. Number 1:
The British Colombian hipster This photo was taken in british Columbia Canada
in the 1940’s. A man wearing sunglasses
and holding a modern camera can be seen sticking out like a sore thumb. He clearly dresses
very differently to the people around him in that time period. Is this Another time travelling hipster? So that marks the end of our top 10 time travel
list. Do you believe that time travel is possible? What would you do if you could travel back
in time? Let me know in the comments below. Thats all the time we have for today, thank
you for watching as always, click here to watch other
awesome videos by viral empire. SEE YOU NEXT TIME!

100 thoughts on “REAL Time Travelers Caught on Tape?! I Found Some Evidence!

  1. Honestly people the government probably knows about time travel you think “oh my phone is so cool”, but for the government that’s like the iPhone 1, 8 years from now we will probably have floating cars or something and the government will always have 8 years of advance then us bc they are the government, they are secretive, they even have special trained assassins to kill people if the government thinks they are jeopardizing their plan!!!!! Well goodbye remember this from 8 years from now what the government is actually hiding this is the world of secrets and you will never know what’s going to happen to this world, but there is this one thing you should know that Jesus Christ died for you and for your sins, God loves you, your savior is Jesus, so be careful in the future there will be secrets will be exposed by the government…………

  2. Your lucky Jesus and God is forgivable but that joke is very very uncalled for and very very disrespectful. God is very very sad of what you said……

  3. Taba ng utak nyo. Tandaan nyo, madaming nalilinlang gamit ang mata. Buksan nyo naman isip ko, wag sana kayo magpakaBOBO 🖕🖕🖕🖕

  4. A woman is not handling a phone its a wallet. This video is not real. And the girl whos talking is a crazy. Its a big LIE VIDEO.

  5. You said woman even seems to be talking but even she is a time traveler she don't have a single cellphone network tower in the pass then how can she talk ?? To whom?? Stop this nonsense

  6. idea…… Tomorrow morning when I wake up, I’m gonna dress up futuristic n ask my fren to capture a photo of me casually in a crowd. Who knows people will think me a time traveller from the future.

  7. i have my own experience about this vanishing car. i was driving late at night on the remote countryside, when suddenly a red car cross my path from the thick bushes on the other side of the road to the fence on my side of the road… disappearing completely. my 3 passenger at the back were asleep, but the lady beside me was horrified to witness this phenomenon. i backup to check if it was and accident or some possibilities… but it can't be. we find nothing. up to this day, it still remains a mystery for me.

  8. do they have further videos of man holding the smartphone on Tyson return bout? Im sure there were more vids to trace who was holding it

  9. 5:15 OMG she not only has a phone bt also one that can cokmunicate with the future if not who is she talking to in the 20's??

  10. Time Travel is real, I have done it,
    It was a hot August day in 2012 I boarded a plan at 10 am in Alicanti, to fly back to England, the heat made me tired I fell asleep not long after take off,
    The air steward woke me up when we was just about to land in England, strangely it was still 10am the flight time is 2 hours, how could this phenomenon happen,
    This could be a case for Moulder and Skully

  11. If i have a chance to travel time i choose bact when i was a kid tho! Because i really want to tell my mom and dad and all of my family that i really really love them and im going to take care everything and i’m going to tell my younger me that dont waste your life in nothing ang work hard to return ny parents working hard for me and to be sa sucssesful me and my family 🙂

  12. Even if it would be possible and you would take your mobile phone with you, there would be no coverage, no WiFi, no 3G or 4G or any G for that matter. Photos are to easy to mess with and if the Government has the opportunity to time travel, I am more then sure at least one country in Central Europe wouldn’t exist, ever!

  13. Di one with the car I saw dat one already an it was from the right hand side now dis one is showing the car disappearing from the left…… So ik dats fake

  14. is this person really making fun of Jesus??? They should know better then to tease something religious!!
    This made me so mad
    It's sad how far people will go just to make a YouTube video
    That was so unnecessary and rude
    And I just hate it

  15. I think I would go back to 96 and prevent value jet crash and t w a flight 800 crash then many fix the jack screws on the Alaska flight etc then move right along to 9 11 01

  16. The first one showed all I needed to see of this video, it's been well known for some time now that this was just part of an advertising campaign and not some time travel nonsense.

  17. The British Columbian hipster is actually a hoax. The man was wearing a Montreal maroons hockey jersey which was a defunct professional hockey team

  18. Orang bodoh je percaya time travel
    Stupid people only who believe time travel
    Tak mati la korang kalau asyik boleh undur je… macam bodo je🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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