Punta Arenas, Chile – Port Report

Bienvenidos to Punta Arenas, the Gateway to Antarctica. My name is Kat, and I am from Scotland.
I’ve been serving on board for two years in the engine Department. Let me show you some of the wonderful stories that happened here. This was our fourth and final port in Chile, and as we have come to expect, crew members experienced the warmth and care of local people once again. We will certainly take fond memories of Chilean kindness with us as we move on. Sharing knowledge help and hope is Logos Hope’s purpose, and crew spent three days with members of a local church, Bautista Emmanuel, focusing on one of these aspects each day. Day one’s theme was knowledge, teaching the group various practical ways to share their faith with others in the community. On the second day we offered help together, a medical outreach was held near the church, where 30 people received free dental care and 180 pairs of reading glasses were given out. The third and final day of the partnership put the training into action as the church and ship team shared the hope they have with others. The knowledge had sunk in, as people connected in relevant and engaging ways. Special events on board drew the curtain on our time in Punta Arenas. Gratitude, remembrance and joy were part of our celebrations. 31 years ago our first ship Logos, ran aground in the beagle channel near Punta Arenas. The event is not only part of our organisations story, but an important landmark in this region’s naval history. Logos Hope held an event to honour the
Chilean Navy for rescuing everyone from the shipwreck in January 1988. Three of
our current crew are children of survivors from Logos, so their gratitude
to the sailors was personal and heartfelt. Our bookfair team and ship’s leaders welcomed the Rojas family who stepped on board to become Logos Hope’s eight millionth visitor. They received a surprise gift, a voucher to spend which Hernan said would make his whole family happy, since they all love reading. As an organization we know that sharing knowledge, help and hope is not something that we can do by ourselves. Therefore we appreciate the opportunity
to work with others locally. JCUM, which is known in English as YWAM, Youth With A Mission, is a Christian organization that prepares youth to be agents of change around the world. Crewmembers went to the YWAM base in
Punta Arenas, to join in a practical workshop where they learnt creative ways
to share God’s love. After class, the volunteers put their lesson into action,
as they took to the streets to strike up conversations and share their faith. Our
international volunteers were privileged to bring a ray of light to inmates at a
prison in Punta Arenas. As well as testing eyesight and offering free
reading glasses to those who needed them, crew members shared stories of life
transformation and had an uplifting time as they listened to the prisoners and
encouraged them. We finished our journey in Chile, but the adventure around Latin America still continues. We will end our crossing through the continents, arriving in the Atlantic Ocean. Eager to drop anchor in our first port in Argentina.

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