Pros and cons of moving to Portugal

hey qué tal amigos Stuart here from
Spain speaks today coming to you from Portugal which is another country that I
like to spend a little bit of time in I normally come here for holidays I’ve
been coming here on holidays throughout the last 10 years I’ve never actually
lived here for a long period of time but like I said normally try to come here
maybe once or twice sometimes even three times a year
it’s a blustery day and I’ve got the Sun behind me so perhaps the conditions are
not the best for recording this video but I’ll try and do my best now what I
want to do today is compare the two countries a little bit obviously if
you’re thinking of coming to live in Spain Portugal could also be an option
that you might be considering and I will tell you that Portugal is a fantastic
country that offers a fantastic quality of life especially if you are not
relying on the economy for work obviously because Portugal also is a
country that struggles from that particular point of view but if you’re
looking to retire perhaps you’ve got some type of online business that you
can you know that you’re flexible and you can move around Portugal is a very
attractive country now I’m not in the Algarve a lot of people that come to
Portugal go to the Algarve I’m going to place called Anish which is about 90
kilometers north of Lisbon and about 200 kilometres south of auto and it’s in an
area called the silver coast and it’s a fantastic place to live for or even just
to be here for two or three different reasons one of them is the weather and
another one is is for the prices it’s a cheap place from an accommodation point
of view to buy property here is quite cheap and also the general living costs
are relatively low compared to a country like Spain okay so as you can see one of
the reasons why Portugal is a fantastic country is because of the coast the
coast in Portugal the weather the lifestyle is very similar to where I
come from the coast it’s a west coast it’s Jun type beaches with surf that’s
got a surf vibe to it here as well it’s just a really good place as I was saying
before property you can get up buddy here reasonably cheap I saw some
apartments the other day for our for about 70 or 80 thousand euros three
bedroom apartments in a place like this or even down the coast there on the way
down to Lisbon you can see that this area there’s a lot of fantastic beaches
I mean the beach here down below is about um probably a kilometre long and
it’s just all white sand it’s a fantastic beach so that’s another thing
that I love about here the other thing is the weather the weather in this part
of Portugal is absolutely fantastic Spain gets really hot this time of year
but here this particular place finish it never gets above 24 25 degrees in summer
and then winter it gets down to about I think the coldest I’ve seen it here is
about 12 degrees with a with a cold wind see there’s a boat going past here
there’s a it’s a real water atmosphere with a lot of things associated with
water surfing windsurfing kitesurfing boating yachting it’s it’s it’s great
for that and yeah that’s you know those are the main pros that I see about
Portugal the other thing here is that people speak English reasonably well
most people have a good level you can communicate fairly easily if you decide
to learn Portuguese I speak Spanish so for me Portuguese is difficult simply
because of the pronunciation of the words and the different sounds and so
forth and people hear when you try to speak Portuguese they jump into the
other language really quickly I have the Spanish or English so it’s difficult to
learn because a lot of the times they don’t let you let you practice or either
that’s because we you know or I personally you know speak it so badly
that they have to jump in and try to to speak your languages so that’s a
probably a little bit of a negative aspect weather-wise fantastic on the
coast cheap property it’s cheap do it out coffee is only 65 cents here for up
for a small like in it like a short black or an expresso coffee it’s only
about sixty-five cents it’s really cheap good quality of life good quality of
living fantastic weather what more can you ask for as far as work goes here in
Portugal I don’t think it’s all that good the economy’s being quite bad for a
few years now and it’s one of these countries in the European
which is in the troika area which means that it’s completely intervened by
Europe and Europe basically tells them what they can do and what they can’t do
I don’t know when that’s going to change the minimum salary in Portugal is also
very low and a lot of Portuguese people have emigrated in the last year’s to all
over the world France Switzerland Canada in fact you see heaps and heaps of cars
here with foreign license plates and they’re all just Portuguese people to
come back for holidays because as I said the economy just there’s just not enough
jobs for them all so you have to keep that in mind if you were considering
coming to Portugal to work Portugal is also a place that has a two-speed
economy well that’s at least what I like to call it and what I mean by that is
there’s people that make a lot of money and the rest of the population is sort
of in the middle or struggling to make ends meet you can see that you know when
you drive you see these enormous oddities and BMWs and Mercedes around
the place cruising down the highways at 180 kilometres an hour and then in the
lane next to them you’ve got cars that can barely go 80 kilometres an hour
because they’re because they’re so old people just you know haven’t changed
them for whatever reason so you know the economy is always going to be the worry
about coming to a place like this but as I said before if you’ve got an online
business or you can set up an online business Portugal is a place that offers
an incredible quality of life food fantastic it’s got fantastic seafood
produce great I’ve only got good things to say about Portugal yeah so to summarize Portugal is a great
place to visit it’s a great place I would say to live like I said I’ve never
lived here before so I can’t really comment I’ve only been coming here in
our various times a year so it’s a country that I would recommend
from what I have seen quality of life cost of living cost of housing more very
reasonable so yet a country that I would recommend so thanks for watching any
questions or comments please leave them in the section below hope you liked the
video and I’ll see you in the next vlog have a good day
hasta luego

100 thoughts on “Pros and cons of moving to Portugal

  1. ah, Aussies always attracted to Peniche, it must be the surf culture running in their veins!?

    Lisbon last Aug was 46ºC, not something most Aussies experience down under, unless at the 'top end'…

    Nice video. keep it up! 🙂

    P.S. it's true many Tugas (pronounced Tooga) have migrated last 5 years or so, and that's 'cause of last prime minister said hundreds of times, on live TV, "if you don't like it, you should all migrate abroad" 🙁

  2. Many of those dumb dopes you see driving those high end cars in the highway actually go into debt for that car, I mean, going into debt for a house? I can understand that. Doing it just so you can strut around in a fancy car to try and maintain the appearance of a lifestyle they cannot keep up with… most can't fix the cars if they brake down, not enough money to buy spare parts from the manufacturer. It's just for show most of them, para inglês ver, as we say it here.

  3. Great informative video! Thanks for sharing.

    You sound Australian. What made you leave the great land down under for Europe?

  4. Please do not pay attention to these Portuguese saying to the English people to go away. I find English people very polite, well educated and friendly. They are one of most polite people I´ve met. They are more than welcomed here in this country and they only helped us to grow in different ways. Please enjoy our country, because we Portuguese obviously can´t figure out how to do that.

  5. The issue with the economy comes down to years of missplaced investment of European funds, after the complicated economical background we inherited from a 50 yr dictatorial regime and a pointless war that cost us more than money – it cost us a large portion of our youth and our work force. Most of the money the country got from the EU in the 80s and 90s was put into infrastructure, on roads and bridges. While we needed some serious renovation of these vital lines of communication to ease logistics in more isolated areas of the country (and facilitate imports and exports within the EU), we ended up with very little left to boost education and specialized skills. More recently we've seen a large number of graduates finish their higher education with great skillsets, but because there was never the initiative or money to invest in local industry in the past those people now need to look for work outside the country. It's bittersweet to see that Portuguese scientists, engineers and researchers are rather good at what they do because, despite their success they still have to achieve it outside their own country. Hopefully in time these same people will decide to come back and create new enterprises and businesses so we can capitalize on so much untapped potential. Investors are starting to believe in that same potential, so there's hope for the future. We're more than a tourist destination, we are rather good at making high quality stuff and providing good reliable services. The world just doesn't know it yet.

  6. Portugal among the most robbed countries in a world where, at the End of the Age, all UN goverments are controlled by one and the same entity, the satanic illuminati secret society

    Sovereign Debt HOAX – BIG LIE v simple TRUTH: PORTUGAL or GREECE are TODAY richer in resources than GERMANY

  8. people that come from foreign countries with more money are messing up portuguese lifes lisbon homes are getting more expensive for us but for the foreigners are very cheap . there a less houses and the ones that are for sale are sureal prices for portuguese …. people now need to live far from their work like 1 hour every day

  9. Lovely to see small snippets of the area I lived in for 3 months in early 2017. I miss it and plan to go back soon. Obrigada ~

  10. Thanks for this Jordan. This was great. I’ve been thinking and dreaming of living in Portugal at least part time, for the last year or so. This was really helpful. Once I get my coaching practice up and running it’s Portugal here I come. It looks great. 12 degree weather in the winter sounds sweet!! Thanks again. 🙌👊

  11. I'm Portuguese and I can say what he said was 99% accurate. I would only beg your attention to the fact that this video was published in 2016 and as about now (in 2018) the Troika has already left the country and we now have again a flourishing economy, and there are lot's of people starting local businesses with great success.
    Can you believe? Even Madonna decided to live in Portugal recently!

  12. Valuable information in your video. I think there are more and more IT/customer support and Sales jobs coming over to Portugal.
    The big MNCs benefit more with outsourcing to countries like Portugal, Greece, Malta, Spain, Cyprus etc.. I think this is good for world wide globalization.

  13. You forgot to say that Portugal is among the safest countries in the world

  14. i rarely ever see expats doing a realistic analysis of portugal's economy. unfortunately i'm one of the many emigrants and i really want to go back. in my friends and family there's an equal measure of people who make a lot of money and people who are just getting by. it's absurd the lack of solidarity the rich in portugal have, but oh well.

  15. What do medical jobs look like?? I'm studying nursing in the US but an ready to leave here. My mom is from i speak Portuguese.
    So you live in Spain? What is their job market like?and cost of living? I also speak Spanish.. So either country would work for me. Thanks for any info you or anyone else can provide me. Take care. 😀

  16. I'm about to move to Portugal my job pays house rent in the centre of Lisbon and all bills and they will give me 950 euros per mont is it enough to live properly in Lisbon?

  17. An interesting video about a country that I would definitely like to visit and look around. I have a good friend in the UK and my plan is to get him to join me in lovely Portugal for a couple of weeks.

  18. Hey mate!Couldn't agree more.
    I'm actually a Spaniard (from the other side of the Minho) living in the US for the last 28 years. Making plans to retire in the VERY near future. Unfortunately (for them) it won't be Spain.
    It'll be Portugal.
    Can't wait.

  19. "If you're thinking of coming to live in Spain, you might also be considering Portugal.." Yup. Like they aren't separate countries, with separate economies, history and culture..

  20. I come from Spain. I think both countries, Portugal and Spain are just great. We have many problems, like bad economy and bad politicians (actually our economy is strugling just because our gutless politicians) But we both have fantastic people, quality of life, history, picturesque villages… We definitely have to work together!!
    I am very happy of your work here, trying to spread reasonable and objective information about Portugal and Spain… Thank you for doing so.
    Regards from Madrid and Merry Christmas.

  21. Please go live in Spain, As Portugal is a very small country and the Portuguese need to go back home especially from Africa and there is not enough space!!

  22. It is O K to notice and speak about racism and discrimination against white/Portuguese males, now. REPEAT as needed.

  23. Brexit comes , I heard that British people hates EU, and never will go to EU anymore, so think about. I speak Portuguese, the country is lovely. Don't forget BREXIT II COMING!!!

  24. Two years after he says Portugal “struggle with unemployment”, Spain has 15% of unemployment and Portugal only 6.5%!!! So which one is struggling with unemployment???

  25. I enjoy watching your videos all the time, saludo de Hungary. The picture which you gave about Portugal shows absolute similarity with the Hungarian situation. Living in Hungary is great if you don't rely on economy or you are not upset about the unfair differences between the rich and the normal working people. If you live in Hungary as a pensioner from western Europe you can enjoy the hot weather since May until October and you can enjoy the snow and the skating in January and February. Eastern Europe and Southern Europe are getting empty because of the huge immigration. This whole European Union stinks if in the same supermarket you can earn peanuts for the same job in Hungary or 8n Portugal meanwhile you can earn higher salary in the UK or in Germany, ex. Greetings from Budapest 😁I carry on watching your videos. They are very informative. Gracias, obrigada🍊

  26. So, he's never lived there, but his Pros and Cons video is pretty much: Great weather, great food, cheap vs poor economy, learning Portuguese. Not sure that info was video-worthy, but the scenery looked nice.

  27. Portugal is the poorest country of western Europe. Everybody is migrating to scape this country. Never been thete but I am sure is beautiful and good to live there but always as long as you have an income that doesn't depend on the portuguese economy.

  28. Hi there, we've been enjoying watching this. It's lovely to discover how we can share and learn so much from
    each other through channels such as this. Look forward to more from you.

  29. How does silver coast compare to say Algarve or Porto? Could you do a video on comparisons between different cities in Portugal?

  30. A very helpful commentary on Portugal, and especially on Porto. Is it humid and are there mosquitoes and other insects, rodents, scorpions to deal with?

  31. im portuguese i speculate on the markets, with 1000 euros month i can do whatever i want eat out, pay my bills, tv internet for 43 euros, if i make more i can travell and i like living here, could be worse

  32. What is the best business to set-up in Portugal? Are there any good football Acedamy's? What to join my kid, he is 11 year old? I'm from India

  33. I'm a Cuban American who moved to Portugal a year and a half a go after I retire in San Francisco, California and thanked God every day for having the beautiful life I have leaving now near Mafra in a beautiful stone house in a little farm with a large garden and more than 45 fruit trees for only 900 € a month rent. Food price, transportation and services are incredibly low, people are friendly and no problem with the language, most people speak English an if you speak Spanish to them wish is very similar you get by perfectly.

  34. if you need a guide to show you where to eat well and see beautiful landscapes, just reply to this comment and we can combine.

  35. Yo he viajado por Portugal y estoy de acuerdo contigo, en todo lo que dices
    As English learner I like your pronunciation because is easy to understand every words you say. Thanks

  36. According to a quick search, the required monthly income for a Portuguese residence visa for people not planning to work is €1100/month (subject to change, so do check.) Not bad.

  37. Language and jobs the only negatives!! Sounds like an ideal place for me. I love to learn languages (speak 4 already) and I will be retiring with a pension, so I would look for a job just not to get bored but not for survival needs. PORTUGAL, here I come!!

  38. My mother is from Portugal and my father is from Germany. I grew up in both countries but now live in Berlin because it’s much easier to find work and make money here, and while I love Germany because I’m half German my heart belongs to Portugal and her beautiful beaches and sunny skies. It is my dream to retire in Ericeira, the village where my mother’s from 🇵🇹 💜

  39. Just out of curiosity… Do you know active people who have the NHR status with an income coming from a foreign country?
    I had been considering it at some point a year or so ago but at the time I've been told this wasn't an option for me because my income comes from a US company (I am French not American this is just the company I work with as an independent distributor)… However after looking into it again, it would seem it is actually possible for me to benefit from that status. So I'm thinking to get myself a cheap flat near the Spanish border that way I could go travel in Spain any time I want…
    So anyway, if you know people (active people not retired) with that status I'm interested 🙂

  40. Brits are rude and cocky!!! We have communities of them living here in Spain and they do NOTHING to get integrated… BREXIT IS COMING!!!!👏👏👏😊😊😊

  41. Portugal for sale. People are coming, portugueses are leaving. Portugal is a good country for rich people, that create poverty so poor people with minimum wage can work for few money to people with money. Portugal has life quality. I like to see tourists here, but that is creating a more expensive life for native people. Tourists should start saying to the restaurants and house sales "how much? Thats to expensive!"

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