President Moon calls for measures to minimize coronavirus fallout on local economy

the coronavirus is taking a toll on
South Korea’s economy but there are concerns that its impact could get much
bigger president moon Jane called today for all-out measures to stop that from
happening and stressed that it’s the government’s
job to protect the people Kim Minji reports president moon jae-in
has called on the government to draw up measures to cushion the blow the
coronavirus might have on the local economy
speaking at a cabinet meeting Tuesday moon stressed the need to be prepared
for the worst saying it’s the government’s role to respond to the
difficulties of the people and of companies saga Changi return on Chagos
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citing a slump in tourism and domestic consumption the President ordered the
Swift implementation of fiscal measures in particular he orders support for
local companies operating in China or SMEs with in South Korea facing export
difficulties min also called for the government to draw up measures for the
self-employed and measures to boost the local tourism and service industries he
also pointed out the need to release accurate information regarding the virus
noting fake news could create confusion or concerns chapada Sangamon foreign
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mayor of Seoul and the governors of Candida province and the two
chungcheong-do provinces joined Tuesday session as her jurisdictions of infected
patients or home to the temporary isolation accommodations for nationals
from the virus hit Chinese city of ohon pointing out the country’s potential to
overcome the situation president moon said it’s essential to corning across
all ministries and local governments to make sure there are no loopholes and
containing the virus Kim Minji Arirang news

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