This is Old town square the most visited square in czech republic in Prague and one of the biggest tourist traps in Prague is right here! This exchange place! what this place does is instead of 27 crowns for 1 euro They’ll give you fifteen crowns for one euro. It’s horrible, and they’re still here for decades 😠 nobody’s doing anything about it We’re gonna do something about it today. 💪😎💯 You don’t want to change in this place. No, no, no! 1 EUR=15 CZK Bad ❌ it’s very bad, so here’s a map to a better place It’s right there it just goes straight there, no problem 🙂 We just saved what, one two three four people Let’s save more make sure to ask before you change (they) give you 15 crowns for one euro instead of 26.5 That’s today’s rate. This, this is a tourist trap if you want a better exchange place, just follow these maps 15=very bad this place is very bad 😡 just keep going guys, nothing to see here Nothing to see here guys So so far We have saved about 20 people! If you do the math, if every single one of them would exchange 50 euros That’s a thousand euros, but he would leave half of it for this company, so we saved them What, 500 euros?! in 30 minutes let’s guess? I like this, so this is the first time we hear the astronomical clock It’s going to be many more times today. You’re going to get three hundred crowns … So the score is 40 : 1 One guy… just we couldn’t couldn’t help him… he just would change the money :/ 15 crowns for 1 Euro Do not do it here! You would get 15 pounds. follow the map okay or try to get as close to 27 crowns as possible 🙂 sometimes Honza (cameraguy) can’t film because he has to help me when there’s like a big group of tourists which is (imitates crowds flowing in the exchange) And we’re like “Noo” 😀 always ask before you change anywhere, okay? Oh you don’t want to change here very bad so two hours went by we’re still here aaaand, uh, We saved about a hundred people and so far so good and we’re not going anywhere You know how many times we have heard the sentence: today? About 300 times you know how many times people sitting inside this place heard it? He’s saying I cannot do it and I’m telling him, i will do it. I will do this I will continue doing this, because I’m trying to save people from losing money. Whoohooo! we shook it off! :DD So basically to make the long story short they call the cops Obviously that we’re blocking their business. aaand, uh I called my lawyers, or our lawyers, and they said that
honza: wowowo oh miss don’t change your money here So yeah, we’re just continue doing it now Saving people one by one so the score as a right now is two people slipped, one guy just didn’t want to talk to us and he only changed five euros So that’s good, but that’s not even going to be good for.. uh.. or anything because he got 75 CZK 🙁 instead of 100 130 135 135 😀 and of course this place has two doors So there’s another friend by the second door Zdeněk! 2 Minutes away is a good place! 👮 So eventually the state police came by and they said that there’s a city law where we cannot hand out flyers So we’re not going to hand them out. We’re just going to show them and they said it’s okay, but… 🤦 Hi, do you speak English? …but this place is really bad. No problem. Thanks. Bye! I need to pee. Save the world instead of me! We have just received a letter from Gordon Robert Prior a guy who’s representing checkpoint and he’s telling us that as of right now because of what we’re doing here they have lost hundreds of thousands of Czech crowns? No. You didn’t lose money…. We saved money from those people. those people actually… uh.. we saved them money because you’re you uhh have a really really bad rate And he’s also saying that if we publish this video, so if you’re watching this right now I may be in jail 😀 because he’s saying we can get.. uhh.. prison for two years. up to two years That’s pretty bad :/ and another hour went by, we’re still here trying to save tourists, and we’re successful! and the cops are here again but luckily We’re not doing anything illegal, so it’s good. We’re saving people. We’re saving your money! So nobody will go to this place ever again. So there’s a there’s a good place right there 26.5 is what you should get for 1EUR so guys it’s five o’clock the astronomical clock is just telling us and, uh… We’re tired, so we got to go home 😞 Unfortunately, this place is here 24/7 so, share this video, spread the news, please do it. let people know that this is *speechless stutter* Epic tourist Trap this is like the definition of a turist trap. Hey guys don’t don’t change your money here It’s a it’s a trap. It’s a turist trap So we were peeing once and we had one bottle of water. I’m just… You? dead? Hi guys, do speak English? Warning this place is a tourist trap to get your attention I’m also going to tell you where to find the biggest pokémans also There’s a free wi-Fi in my pocket and as a bonus free white paper Warning this 8 map is included 😻Kοcοurεk😻

100 thoughts on “PRAGUE’S WORST TOURIST TRAP!!! (Honest Guide)

  1. IT'S DOWN!!! They closed it down!!! Come celebrate with us, you are all invited!!! August 31st at 6PM, click here to see more:
    Can't wait to see you, guys! 🙂

  2. Actually you could change Czech crowns to euros euro only for 15 Czech Crowns 😉 Good for Czechs bad for those who want tochange to czech crowns

  3. I just ask myself : everyone has a smartphone. It can't be that hard to Google "Euro Czech crowns exchange rate". After you see the real exchange rate you wouldn't enter it anyway.

    But hey it is better to make photos for your insta story.

  4. people stupidity on max level. Why you need all this fuckin smartphones , mobile internet if you dont even check the actual currency rates

  5. You're lucky you're not in France, here you would have two cop cars and an asshole acting like a cowboy with his guidebook text no matter what you say and if you try to call a lawyer or use your phone to record they'd put you down and arrest you. Not to mention that they would break your camera

  6. Hey Gordon Robert Prior, I hope someone will use his bitcoins to destroy your business empire and make you obsolete. Little bitch. That's what you get for ripping off tourists.

  7. Měšťáci a magistrát místo, aby zavřeli směnárnu za Lichvu a okrádání turistů, tak ještě fízl legitimuje tebe.
    Vítejte v České republice! 🤕👍
    Stejně tak taxikáři. Místo přísných licencí od magistrátu, jednotných barev vozidel taxi, stáří vozů do 5ti let max a platby "pouze" kartou je to ráj zlodějů.

  8. I was only one time in prague. And i agree kinda everybody wanna rip you off. The taxis, exchange places, even in a fast food restaurant a friend of mine was ripped off. And it's full of drug addicts.

  9. Once I changed so badly polish zloty to czech crowns in Prague but I can’t remember place. Every exchange looks similar. Well, these times no one called me to step back and mobile internet wasnt such popular so I could not find another place. Since then I always exchenge zloty to crowns in Poland or pay by card. Sorry czech exchange points, disgust remained 😀

  10. Wouldn't a money changing place have to make a margin? I don't know what the usual rates are, but obviously they'll need some percentage for themselves to stay in business. 50% seems excessive, but what's a good rate to go for?

  11. Co to je za past když tam mají podmínky napsané? Když jsou lidi debilni a stejně tam jdou tak je to jejich chyba a někdo proste na jejich hlouposti hezky vydělá

  12. Great work guys if u could tackle the transport system trap there it would be great i got caught within 1 hour in the country i bought a ticket but was never told it had to be stamp at points of entry to fine 120euro for me and my wife not having tickets stamped.and dnt get me started on taxis.

  13. I live in Czech and that's terrible! I hate this country, I always wanted to live in USA 😥 (yes Im rly from Czech) kokoti dělají ostudu…

  14. I went to Prague 2 weeks ago, my brother lives there, he just gave us the address of a good exchange office, but most tourists of course don't have someone to help them out. There's still some bad exchange offices around though so got to keep a look out.

  15. Thank you for doing this! 🙂

    But I really can't understand how people can go to this exchange places and change their money without informing about the current exchange rate? When I'm in Prague I'm always looking for that becauss I don't want to be cheated 🤷‍♀️

  16. This is kinda a jerk move, you know people got their choices where to exchange money, and you are just destroying someones business, which has also expenses taxes etc. You are kinda the annoying jerk guy that wants to be always right 🤷‍♂️

  17. Thank you very much
    P.S. Хотел там поменять деньги ещё до того, как посмотрел это видео. Но в тот момент началось шоу с часами и я ненадолго отошёл, после чего поменял деньги в нормальном обменнике. Судьба

  18. Beautiful video!!!!! Thanks!
    If you had done that in Italy you'd have been slapped in the face.

    That's mafia business…
    They in a way will "ask" you to do
    Your own business.

  19. Around the Main Square in Kraków there are places where the rate is also bad (not as bad as I can see here, but you know, still it's a scam). Please, remember this and always check.

  20. If you make this in turkey, your ass will be kicked immediately by exchanger. You can be sure they will not call police. But i appreciated you. Good work dude

  21. Can you do like another video of the same money exhange store like 1 year later to find out if they've had fixed this scam

  22. Can we just take a moment and talk about how at 3:52 there is a woman wearing a Herbalife shirt? 2 scams in one video and one of them is not even mentioned.

  23. Just surprise me..why nobody come outside and don't smash his face..why he isn't on airport..he can see how much..cost there coffee..idiot

  24. Its free market why you did that . If i want i can sell 1 euro for 4 crowns as long as someone want to buy it . Its Communist type of video

  25. I was in prague last year and I took 150 Euros with me. I lost so much money ONLY because I didnt find a place where i get 27CZK for 1 Euro… Best I could find was 21CZK

  26. I have fallen for a trap similar to this when I visited Uganda a few years ago. The airport in Entebbe has the worst currency rates.

  27. Komu tim pomuzes? Pouze bohatym turistum ze zapadni Evropy, USA ci bohatych asijskych statu, ktery ten kurz stejne nezruinuje. Ti chudi si to spocitaji a vymeni co nejvyhodneji jinde.. Kdyby ses radsi staral o to jak se zije Prazakum ve meste, ktere je zaplaveno 11 miliony turisty rocne, kteri skupuji nemovitosti.. Bohuzel cesta do pekel je dlazdena dobrymi skutky.. Jinak samozrejme ti smenarnici sou hovada co podvadeji lidi, ovsem tvuj cil co nejvic tusiticky zatraktivnit Prahu fakt nechapu..

  28. Well I didn't plan to go to Prag, but it seems like YouTube still gave me the video in my recommendations. Well, now I know to watch the exchange rates. Thanks YouTube and Creator of this Video.

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