Prague, Czech Republic – Our Day 1 \\ Muslim Traveler – The Travels Of Z (2019)

32 thoughts on “Prague, Czech Republic – Our Day 1 \\ Muslim Traveler – The Travels Of Z (2019)

  1. লিগাল ড্রিংকিং এর বয়স ১৮ আর গাঁজা পুরাই হালাল 🏃😄🤓🤓👍 অস্তির ছিল 🤓🤭🛍

  2. I just recently got back from Prague too! It's a relatively small city but there's SO much to see. I was actually at that location with the upside down horse but didn't have the most popular ice cream. I kept on going back to this one place in Old Town that had the most addictive ice cream.

  3. The old clock is incredible! It would boggle my mind for someone to engineer that even by today’s standards but to do it waaayyyyy back then? Wow.

  4. Prague is really nice. I've been in both winter and summer and I preferred winter ❄️because there were a lot less people. Loved finding the various sculptures and street are more than the 'historical' stuff, although that lends a nice backdrop to the city.

  5. The reconstruction of the street was made greatly, as there's no single trace of bombing. Once I'm in Prague, I'll take the banana strawberry ice cream which you recommended, looks yummy

  6. I'm always thinking about Prague. Great information about their history I never know that Prague was invaded before from Nazis. the Astronomical clock was amazing!

  7. Good thing I am an American…I would never light myself on fire. That was cool to see an old Ford in Europe. Thanks for the all of the information about the clock. War is sad, destroying all of the old architecture

  8. আপনার ভ্লগ গুলো ভালো লাগে ভাই, কিন্তু কেন যানিনা আপনার সাবস্ক্রাইব বাড়ে না, আপনার সাবস্ক্রাইব হওয়ার দরকার ছিলো 50k+ minimum .

  9. Love that you took the time to educate so much on the history. I was there in 1996 so tourism was pretty new. Loved it so much.

  10. I really loved your guide! You gave a lot of history with photos of the related people. And I love walking through old towns, so that was a treat. I can’t wait for the next video!

  11. So one of my dreams is to hit up this area of Europe. I love the architecture and the style of Prague and those European countries that are similar. Did you fly in or take a train? Looks like a lot of fun things to do. Can't wait until I can make my way out there.

  12. Haven’t been to Eastern Europe yet…looks really cool! Maybe we can make it there next year. Your video is great, lot’s of good information! Thanks for sharing!

  13. King Wenceles…makes me think of the Christmas song. So many bubbles. Chocolate museum…yes!!! Looks like a great destination.

  14. Such a brilliant intro. History and stories narrated perfectly. Have always been intrigued with Eastern European history. Loved the soap bubbles shot! Reminded me of something I saw in Athens!

  15. Excellent video and so informative. Clearly you did your research which is great. Explaining the astronomical clock was really interesting.

  16. My parents did an Eastern Europe visit a few years ago that included Prague. They had nothing but good things to say. So much history and culture there! Thanks for sharing some of it with us. New subscriber.

  17. Like the transitions a lot and great information. I went to Prague last October and I still learned a lot from your video. Also, the intro video is awesome, very dramatic, love it! Also, fun fact, a street in my neighborhood is named after Jan Palach. Its called the Jan Palach road in dutch.

  18. So glad I will visit Czech end of this month. At least need to get the ice cream you got. Any other hidden gems you think I have to visit?

  19. Would love to visit Prague, Czech Republic. You're very knowledgeable on the history of the many places you visit! Great job in editing and sharing your adventures! Keep up the great work!

  20. I enjoyed Prague. Such a beautiful city. I would love to go back and check out the surrounding cities. Bringing back memories of walking around.

  21. Awesome shots, Prague is such a beautiful city with so much history to explore and you've captured it so well!! Can't wait to see more of your work soon!!

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