Ponmudi Hill Station | ONE of the Less Explored Travel Destinations in Kerala

Hello viewers, We’re in Ponmudi Trivandrum airport is the nearest to ponmudi Varkala is the nearest railway station You’ll have to drive 3 hours to reach on the top of Ponmudi you’ll experience cool breezy drive with good scenery Ponmudi is the best destination for road trips There aren’t many activities here but still best place to spend one day places to see in Ponmudi are Meenmutty falls You can’t take shower under the falls To reach the falls you’ll need to trek 30 mins Route is well maintained, other places are Ponmudi peak, highest point If you’re visiting it in monsoon then you’ll only get to see the mist Best time to visit is during the summer We’re staying here at Ponmudi eco tourism charge is Rs.2000 per double occupancy room and 1 bed extra We were offered a room with excellent balcony view We reached Ponmudi last night and went directly to our hotel Morning we refreshed in river and we’ve reached here while entering Ponmudi they charge Rs.30 per head Rs.30 for car and Rs.50 for camera This is te highest peak in Ponmudi They’re not allowing people to climb up the tower to my left there’s another peak locals say it is unsafe because of wild animals sightings After Ponmudi peak we’re now at Meenmutty falls We’re entering the location to explore what’s so special about it Per person they charge Rs.30 as entry fee Rs.30 for car this is their standard rate at every spot and separate charge for camera as well You’ll love to swim in water but in-case you don’t have swimming skills, still You can take a refreshing bath here with family and friends because it’s not that deep We’ve been to lots of places, India is a beautiful country It’s really really changed in the last 10 years You should treat people how you wanted to be treated and I’ve seen that change

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