Playing For Change Band on the Road: United World Tour

I’m looking so forward to seeing everybody
again it’s going to be a fantastic tour. I heard Alidu is
going to join us on this tour I haven’t been on stage with Alidu for the last three years so it’s going to be absolutely perfect yeah people be ready for playing for
change we are from different countries right now we are together about 10
different countries and you here in 10 different language but with the love of
the music man you feel like you are home everybody treats you like if you were born
with them or you’re born in their home you couldn’t have been more of a amazing
journey really to get this band together and then after to see the reaction from
the crowd and just them seeing the world in that way you know most people see the
world on TV and it’s always in war or politics and here we are on the stage
singing songs and a change is gonna come and stand by me and I just think that’s
what the world needs so it’s beautiful to see it actually come from an idea to
a finished result just as long as you stand stand by me

19 thoughts on “Playing For Change Band on the Road: United World Tour

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  2. Long time ago since we have seen a song uploaded, all we see is after the party or before the party. Please guys upload your good songs as you guys use to do in the begining.

  3. PFC rocks!! I had the absolute pleasure of seeing them in concert a few years ago. I wish I could be a roadie.

  4. me cambió el estilo musical después de oír a éstos grandes músicos no moriré feliz si no los escucho en vivo algún día…espero vengan a Perú..estaré en primera fila….playing for change gracias por unir razas a través de la música…

  5. THANK YOU to the Founders of Playing For Change. Thank you for all the hard work and making this possible for us to travel with you to places and to listen to ALL the great players and musicians in your wonderful group. May God Bless All of you for doing this great and wonderful journey. I LUV you PLC. I appreciate every one of you. Again, Thank you from the heart.

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