Planifica tu viaje con Google Trips

but at this moment I am going to show you
the google thrips app that we lets plan trips we are going to come
to the menu we look for the application in this case we have it here google trips fits
clarify that it is good to install the the shop to lend at this time already
I have it installed so the process we are not going to do the
process similar to which the installation of any other application
let’s open google trips Here it shows us the trips that I have
actually made are not trips that I have loaded some of the managers
but the application automatically links them to trips to tickets
of flight that arrive to me by mail electronic then the application as
is linked to the mail when it arrives and I buy a flight ticket
Well, it’s downloaded through google through email and
through google acela does it through intelligence
artificial cela and load directly the trips appear here
that I already have that has already done in this moment
then when I plan a trip to some time and I have already bought the ticket
will appear to us usually already will appear here in the application as
is a google application is linked everything with the mail directly also
well here as I indicated, I have the trips that I have already made we are going to
load a caress where I want to go then let’s tell you in Barcelona-
I think Barcelona Spain and here good I think the trip and added the date from which date I
I want to make the trip we are going to put may
until On June 5 I accept and I can add a
destination if I have any additional destination apart from that barcelona day if you want
see something another city or something other country neighbor then well I can load it there
let’s tell him ready here I can automatically upload the
reservations manually as indicated usually they are usually charged
automatically from the gmail account but in the event that it does not appear or that
I have registered another account that is not gmail I can load it manually added
the flight then asks me for the data of the airline flight number where I’m going
good all all the data that the flight ticket we will return no no
we are going to load a reservation is for that to take it into account and here
can I download the map here indicates to download the map of
barcelona then the map is going to go downloading to be able to use more
forward to be able to locate the sites of interest offline way if good here
the activities that I can do automatically
through google using reviews of opinions that
has google doing good through of of the verification of opinions that
does the user then locate the places that have the best
punctuation in order to give them as a recommendation
if they are recommendations that have made other users and who do not make them
so that we can perform the trip here we have for example the sacred
We are going to add the family we select and tell you here to save
in the list to visit we put it by example to put it for visiting good
Here I was about to visit so we do with the park we put it
as well let’s put it here to visit also
la pedrera casa de milan to visit good and so with the places that I
want the rambla and well, I’m adding the neighborhood
Gothic and well I’m adding all the places
that I want to go doing as well as activity and plans for the day also
we have good house some places that I I keep if the places that I keep for
visit then I can locate them here in an easier way and already
automatically it will not link us with the map
of googlemaps will tell us where it is the address telephone numbers and a
review of users who have web opinion
well let’s go back and so on with everyone and we have another to do a planning
of the day if here indicates for example the Gothic neighborhood
and all the activities that I can do on that journey
in this case I know that they are nine attractive that there is prey for these places of
Gothic neighborhood what we can visit here tells us how to move how to do
how to do the whole journey he goes for him to be real goes for home san
Martin all the whole route that must be done
shows us the photographs of those sites good
what more and monacal montjuïc for example it also shows us the whole journey
that we have all the attractions there what can we do in that in that
travel as well as they can see up to tweet good
all that part and good all these are as already armed plans here we have a
place of four attractions we have the aquarium we have in montjuïc
also good are like attractions that from soon they are a little close or we are left
easier to link and I can also add a plan directly from
the places that I want to do I can locate if I want it for a full day if
I want it by noon or in the afternoon depending good and it already locates us to
through google tells us if the places are open if they are closed
then according to the places that the opening sites is going to tell you
to organize the plan what do you want to do good here we have good discounts
what is there when they are prime of the tour that make the city or some kind of soon
from museum restaurants We can all get that out of here for
can apply some discount meals and drinks information from restaurants that
remain in the area also does it to through google recommendations
then they are restaurants that others users have visited I can see if
now for example here the restaurant zinc house I can see
the recommendations made by users usually says that they are very
good and good according to this I would I do know if I want to go to that place or not
good also how to get around the city tells us all the part of
public transport taxis as I can move through the center
if I can use bicycle services good all the services that there are in
how much mobility and good to each important information
which are like tips that gives us directly
well that would be more than everything as you indicated is a very application
interesting really worth it you can download the offline sites for
can see them then you can see all this information offline and good is going to
be much easier you save data and well you were the one
trip be a little more more comfortable if you liked the video do not forget
subscribe to the channel and well I hope have a great trip greetings

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  1. !Que interesante¡ Esta aplicación digamos que completa, aumenta o mejora el servicio al viajero de Google maps. Habrá que probarla 🙂 Gracias amiguete un abrazo.

  2. Come sempre ottimo lavoro complimenti…..iscritto volentieri al tuo canale Youtube Ti aspetto sul mio canale Youtube
    Buona serata

  3. que bonito canal y gracias por los tips! Me subscribí de inmediato a tu canal, si quieres pasa a ver el mio, publico videos de viaje en todo el mundo! Saludos desde una italiana que vive en Mexico!

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