Plan your next trip with Transavia’s Voice Assistant on Google Home

The most proud I get is every time a person asks Google Home a question and they get really surprised, like ‘Oh wow, that’s really easy!’ That makes me smile every time. As a human-centered design company, we really like the interaction of humans with services. It seemed a little awkward for us to find holiday destinations with your phone or your computer or whatever. It’s not a natural setting. So we really wanted to make a service that works while you’re sitting down in your living room. So specifically for Transavia, how cool would it be to book and be inspired via your Google Home, your television, via your mobile phone —everything. That will be really exciting. And I think we’re pretty much there. So, imagine you want a specific holiday with ingredients like sun and beaches and stuff like that. So we wanted to answer those questions It’s easy! Just ask him. Hey Google, ask Transavia for beach destinations in July. Do you already know how long you would like to stay? Two weeks. I found nine countries you can fly to. Our best deals start at 66 euros to France and 83 euros to Spain. Which country would you like to go? Spain. Could you send this to me? So this journey is all about.. ..being human. And having a natural conversation. So we made the start of your travels.. ..easier, more seamless and more personal —and we’re just getting started!

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