Plan With JetPens – TRAVELER’S notebook Edition

Plan with JetPens Traveler’s Notebook edition The Travelers Notebook is no ordinary notebook This customizable system is a planner, journal, and keepsake all in one In this video we’ll show you different ways to use the Traveler’s Notebook Using the Traveler’s monthly planner We truly enjoy using our Traveler’s Notebook as a planner Here we show you how we plan with Traveler’s Free Monthly Planner refill Adding emphasis to events will help them stand out and make your planner more visually appealing You can do this easily with a cute sticker or stamp For more customized look you can draw a box with a highlighter mark the corner of the box using washi tape or doodle For events that are longer than one day you can mark all the days with a highlighter Slim Washi tape or a long sticker like the Midori Seal Collection Arrows When planning, it’s also important to write down your monthly goals and tasks Using colorful pens and markers can brighten up your to-do list You can use a sticky note to emphasize important tasks This also allows them to be easily moved between days Using the Traveler’s Blank Notebook as a weekly planner If you don’t have the planner refill, don’t worry You can also transform a blank notebook into a planner We made ours into a weekly planner, but you could easily create a monthly planner as well Use a ruler to divide a two-page spread into eight sections Now you have a spread with one section for each day of the week and a blank one to use however you like We’ve chosen to create a habit tracker Transfer your tasks and events from the monthly spread and add your day-to-day tasks Using the Traveler’s Blank Notebook as a journal Another way to use the Traveler’s Notebook is as a travel journal Here, we’re using a blank Traveler’s Notebook refill Each day brings its own adventures, so it’s important to clearly divide each day from the next You can use markers to create bold titles for each day Photos and mementos can add visual interest to your notebook and preserve memories of your travels Here, we’re using Traveler’s Double Sided Stickers to paste in photos You can also use washi tape for a handmade look We recommend using the Traveler’s Pocket Sticker or Zipper Case to keep track of those mementos while you’re traveling the Kraft File can also be used for larger items like maps After you finish a notebook, store your memories in the travelers binder It holds up to five notebook refills We hope this video has given you inspiration for how to decorate your own Traveler’s Notebook See all of the supplies we use in this video in the description below There are other accessories you can use to build your own custom notebook So be sure to check those out in our Traveler’s Notebook overview video

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  1. Love videos like this! And seeing other people's planners or notebooks. It makes me feel inspired and I wish mine looked that neat

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