Placidway Medical Tourism – Complete Medical Tourism Solutions

Placidway is the leader in global medical
tourism. With us, you can find the best medical options
Integrating Medical Travel Value Chain: Consumers, Providers, Suppliers
Global Healthcare Vision. Create world’s largest healthcare network. Give consumers most diversified healthcare
choices. Propel global innovation through collaboration
across supply chainices. Medical Travel Ecosystem Drivers. Access to comprehensive knowledge base of
global medical solutions. Showcase their innovations/ services to a
global audience and no longer dependent on local customers. Able to customize their offerings and no longer
constrained by local regulations or boundaries. Customer’s Common Questions. Do your customers understand you exists in
their global options? How do they choose among many providers? Why should they travel XX hrs to go to your
medical center? How much it will cost? Are your doctors skilled and qualified? How do they research what is the best option
for them? What will influence decision to travel abroad? PlacidWay Global Medical Tourism Company. Founded in 2007, a leader in Medical Travel. Over 600 medical providers globally. More than 40 countries, Over 250 cities worldwide. Over 1500 customized treatment packages. More than 30 treatment categories with over
500 procedures related to various diseases. More than 5000 price comparison options. Over 700 videos. Over 1000 educational articles. Over 700 top doctors worldwide. Global patients from Americas, Europe, Middle
East, CIS, Africa, & Asia. Over 6 million page views annually. Optimized for more than 25,000 keywords. Over 1,000,000 pages indexed in search engines. Over 800 questions and answers addressing
patients needs. PlacidWay Solutions. Strategic Business Planning. Tools, Applications, Customer relationship
management, Patient Portal. BIG Data Analytics. Online Medical Marketing. Target Consumer Survey. Branding Brochure & Marketing Material. Market Research. Mobile App, Website Development. International Patient Facilitation. Management Consulting Services. Targeted PlacidWay Solutions. premier global medical tourism
site. targeted videos for customers. global portal for Wellness
Programs. global blog for Medical Tourism. industry best practices. and more differents websites and app. PlacidWay Process Flow. The Health Care Industry is changing. Patients are looking for options. treatments, locations, costs. Global Reach. PlacidWay offers the posivility to travel
around the world. In PlacidWay you can find Comprehensive Treatments. We’ve got a Deep Knowledge Base. PlacidWay follows a Comprehensive Marketing
Program. So, Why PlacidWay? Leading Global Medical Tourism Program End
To End Solution. Premier Consumer Centric Portal. Global Patient Referral Base. Direct Access to International Patients. Global Contact Center. Most Comprehensive Knowledge Base. International Patient Revenues. PlacidWay. Consumer Related. Provider Related. Supplier Related. Take a glimpse of our customers. Evolution of Medical Tourism. Form Cottage Industry to Corporate World. If you want to know more, Contact us.

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