Picking Up a Chinese Traveler (ft. Goblin)

Awkward Since Birth [Finding GF] Series Attempt #10 – Picking Up a Chinese Traveler (probably talking about the cute dolphin they just saw) Looks good. I know~ No, you look good. Do you- Do you have a boyfriend? No? Phone- phone number? Okay? Call- call yourself. Where are you from? Oh, here. UCLA. Oh. Cool, I’m not from here. How long are you here? Till this Thursday? Thursday? Oh.. School starts, next Monday. Then we have to go fast! Fast.. Did you call me? Yeah. Did you get it? No. What? Did you give me wrong number? Try to give mine. This? Yeah. Oh.. Do you have plans like tomorrow or tonight? No? No? You can take her! You can take her. Alright. L- let’s go. Bye Bye~ Bye.. ~ New Videos Every Monday ~
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100 thoughts on “Picking Up a Chinese Traveler (ft. Goblin)

  1. Help me guys I can't watch more than 15seconds on this video. This I thought this would be cringing as hell😂I can't watch lol

  2. In the beginning they actually said
    “Looks good *at the pic/dolphin whatever”
    Then they said “who is he, is he chinese”

  3. Alex your channel is growing way to fast, nice to see that. 3 days before it was 81k now it is 98k wow. 100k is on the way

  4. Prefect video and Amazing Goblin music !
    Prefect video timing too..
    And i don't have to say it – Perfect Lines

  5. This was amazing and great edit. I just wish you would've pushed it further. I know they are tourists leaving soon etc, but if this wasn't just for show you could just chat with her, travel to china few times for content etc. Maybe she would move here to study etc. If it got serious.

    Non existent chances I guess, but just sad to see funny content, wanting to see more of the same, and it never coming back to the screens lol.

  6. Omg!!.. Is it real.. Brother, that's really cool.. No offense.. I think you are very good at talking with girls

  7. 👏👏🏻Standing Ovation👏🏻👏
    Tickled my heart and soul.
    Watched many times already – can’t get enough of it 😸

    Anyone knows where to get the outro “stay with me” with piano melody?
    I think Alex may have played the piano piece himself with the original instrumental version in the background.

  8. Literally watched this video from 5 times straight..
    You did it perfectly… The girl actually fall for him

  9. You have my respect🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏👏👏👏👏👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊도깨비🤣🤣

  10. She like "What? What should i do? He looks ok but i don't know! What should i do?"
    Her friends like "Go for it!!! Go get him!!! Go Go Go!!!"
    Alex like "You look good.. Boyfri.. Oh.. Phone nu.. Oh.. How lo.. Oh.. Do you have pl.. Oh.. Ok you're mine lets go"

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