Pensacola Beach Releases Summer Tourism Numbers

NEW WEBSITE. THE OFFICIAL SUMMER TOURISM SEASON ENDED TWO WEEKS AGO ON LABOR DAY…. NOW… LOCAL BUSINESSES ARE LOOKING BACK AND ASSESSING THE SUMMER-OF-16… AND PREPARING FOR THE QUIET FALL. HERE’S THE CW 55’S KATRICE NOLAN SUMMER IS OVER THE PARKING LOT AT CASINO BEACH…MOSTLY EMPTY… RESTAURANTS NEAR THE BEACH…MOSTLY EMPTY… THE STORY IS THE SAME AT THE VISITORS CENTER … BUT This summer was very different… :11-:19 JOSEPH JACKSON Travel Ambassador “during the summer season we were averaging, around 221 front and back doors, normally the assist would be around 50- 60 and that’s personal interaction with the visitors.” DOING THE MATH ON THAT NUMBER THE CENTER IS OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK, THAT’S CLOSE TO 20, 000 PEOPLE WHO VISITed THE CENTER… EACH PERSON who COMES TO THE CENTER Is COUNTED WHEN THEY WALK THROUGH THESE DOORS, BUT DESPITE A NORMAL SUMMER SEASON MANAGEMENT AT THE DOCK RESTURANT NEAR THE BEACH AREA SAY THEY ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO AN OFF SEASON THAT STILL PROMISES TO DELIVER. HE SAYS IT ALL DEPENDS ON EVENTS THAT ARE PLANNED AROUND THE BEACH. :47-:55 Bruce Parris General Manager, The Dock “last weekend was the perfect example, we were slammed all weekend, had cross fitters out here having a big party, taste of the beach is this weekend, so we expect to be busy again.” BUSY WITH PEOPLE WHO WANT TO ENJOY WHAT PENSACOLA BEACH HAS TO OFFER. 1:05-1:14 Nathaniel Sims Visiting Pensacola Beach “it’s a 10 out of 10 every time, I mean, honestly, when you’re down here, it is something you have to experience for yourself, Pensacola Beach is ulink any other beach around here, and I highly recommend it to anybody.” Joseph Jackson “the majority is Pensacola Beach, being one of the pristine beaches in the nation people love the white sand and the emerald green water.” SO EVEN during the fall season, THERE IS STILL PLENTY TO TAKE IN AND ENJOY IN PENSACOLA. REPORTING ON PENSACOLA BEACH, KN THE CW 55 NEWS AT 9.

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