Pegas Călător te duce departe!

An ordinary Tuesday. I`m looking through the window. The sound enters into my room I’m getting up the nerve to go on the road. I’m going down a boulevard. The windows are rolling beside me. Buildings are becoming more and more present. The horizon line is blocked by high concrete. These people with their continuous motion… This noisy city… …I don’t seem to hear it.. I’m looking for a way out. I turn on another street. It’s a little quieter. I’m in a maze… …pedaling faster. I’m trying to get rid of poles and horns. I keep riding… I’m almost out of the mess… Where am I going? The pulse of the city is somewhere behind me. Pegas Traveler Takes you further! Have the courage with Pegas!

8 thoughts on “Pegas Călător te duce departe!

  1. De mult nu am mai fost intrerupt de o reclama care sa imi placa, m-am uitat fara skip. Seamana cu cele de la HarleyDavidsons

  2. Heyyy… Am O Mica Intrebare…As Putea Pune O Furca Cu Suspensii Pe Un Mini Drumet 24 Negru Mat?

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